Top 5 Guns For Home Defense



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  1. Goliadore Leone

    ACP ???



  2. Ello Gubna

    If you ever need to pepper someone good at combat ranges inside your home, this is a great weapon. Hands down greatest sentence ever

  3. IBlisticninger Ninger

    It's stupid

  4. XxsuperconsolebrosxX

    Iraqveteran, I plan to get a firearm for protection, the most things im nervous about is what does it feel like to fire a gun for the first time, do disabilities (in my case cerebral palsy) cause any differences (ie aim, balance stance etc) and is ricochet common? (I am kind of nervous that a bullet would ricochet at a range or something along those lines

  5. Ronald Adamiec

    a bag of frozen fruit lol lol. ya ok, Some people have gone full retard. ????????

  6. Colin .K

    I like the glocks, people try to get the cool big flashy guns but my objective is to stop the man, not blow his face in half

  7. Sarah Jee

    you should do top 5 guns to deal with stalker

  8. harish khrera


  9. Buzz McFly

    And, not that I follow guns, but isn't the S&W just a rip-off of the success of the Judge?
    As in they saw what their competitor had come up with and merely copied it?

  10. Buzz McFly

    Why do the guns get cocked when you're not using them while you're talking about your wife? Is your neighbour visiting while you're busy?

  11. Buzz McFly

    The best load to use in the house? That would be none, other than the one in your pants — if ya know what I'm saying…

  12. Buzz McFly

    B-roll? Are you using a roll-to-roll editing suite? How cute. And archaic. Like the mentality of the system you were 'bought up' in (obviously I couldn't use the word developed).

  13. Buzz McFly

    $300 bucks for a pump action shotgun? I hope you have ten just laying lazily around the house for that kind of a bargain.

  14. Buzz McFly

    "You have to use the right firearm for the situation" — this already assumes that you even remotely even require a firearm for the situation.
    What happens when a burgler sees you pull out a gun in a half-asleep state? They pull out theirs. Fully awake.

  15. Buzz McFly

    Why do people in the states have to think and worry so much about guns? Even at home? Are there orders of magnitudes more break ins in America than any other country in the world; or is it just that the people are that much different?
    I've been there a couple of times, and it seemed like quite a cool country. But I still remember all the guns.

  16. KadenzPlayz

    Hey man, I'm really sad right now because I can't fire a gun. I broke my arm. my trigger finger arm nonetheless so I really don't know how to shoot right now. if you have any tips I'd be super grateful

  17. Impact /RGHQ

    can an AUG assault be an home defense gun? plz tell me I have one

  18. TNT

    I live in São Paulo (Brazil) and the law here is ridiculous, for exemple the shotgun's barrel 12G must have 24" inches. For a good mobility is too big…

  19. Rahzee Alibaba

    Do you have a few suggestions for good 9mm home defense round? I see you mentioned the Guard Dog load. Do you have more suggestions?

  20. Rob Burton

    +Iraqvetreren8888 this is the only video visible from restricted mode, the comments are also disabled from there.

  21. bluesboydude

    You guys have no idea how lucky you are to be able to have a firearm in your home.. I live in The Netherlands, one time some old guy pushed a burglar off the stairs.. The burglar broke some ribs, charged the old man for attacking him and the police arrested the old man for it. To be honest: I'd rather blow the bastard's face off with a shotgun.

  22. biker

    20 ga coach gun or 32acp won't leave the house and gets the job done. Remember better to be judged by 12 the carried by 6.

  23. Jason Ruger

    glock fanboys lol why not a cz?

  24. Logan Weaver

    Do more of these

  25. Resolute Support

    What about when the bad guy kicks in your backdoor with four other buddies all wearing IIIA vests? I prefer to prepare for the worst case scenario, and a rifle caliber would make short work of vests w/o trauma plates.

  26. Lo N Slo

    Do you have any combat experience

  27. Riley Klote

    iraqveteran888 do 5 guns for the U.S. Military

  28. Riley Klote

    my dad has a Beretta 9mm, a 22 Rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun

  29. Gabe Peters

    a Maverick 88 20 gauge do the same as Maverick 88 12 gauge


    a Vector ! Best for self defense that thing making a black hole of u

  31. TEEVEE

    Where is your store at?

  32. John smith

    Shoot back and live

  33. skyhunter

    "To conquer a nation, first you have to disarm it". Adolf Hitler 1933.
    That my liberal, anti-gun friends is why we have our guns.

  34. xiaozao zhao

    i like home guns but my dad won't let me touch it

  35. skzion2

    I'm kind of confused. I'm a newbie, but I have read around a bit. It would seem to me that an AR type with 5.56 rounds, suppressor, red dot, and mounted light would be the top choice. Add cheap night sight goggles.

    Suppression will keep supersonic rounds to (barely) safe sound levels without ear protection (which is still nice to have if possible) and avoid muzzle flash. Modern 5.56 rounds can kill through barriers. But these rounds are also not very dangerous AFTER they hit their targets, since they fragment or expand in the target. That's why you have a red dot. (Over-penetration is usually a problem only if you miss entirely, but in that case, who is going to be next to you to be nailed by your missed shot?)

    And of course, practice.

    What don't I understand?

  36. NANDO R/T

    Great information!

  37. German reviews 1

    I didn't think I would see the Chris vector on this list

  38. Marlow Giesecke

    Guns are awesome you should be able to by snipers

  39. SFW

    I would use my cheap p3at because cops take your gun after such situations so it's a cheap gun u will loose and no over pen. With .380

  40. Nathan V.S The World

    dont you think the vector would be abit overkill

  41. Lasu't Natipasan Jr.

    Glock 19 I choose for self defense with guarddog ammos. Thank you, Eric.

  42. mixer14316

    Awesome video. Thanks for posting this.