In this much requested Five Guns video we discuss guns that one would use to defend life and liberty. Anything can threaten ones life and liberty, including individuals who may want to harm you, your family or your community. Maybe a societal breakdown after stock markets crash due to cyber attacks, or a tyrannical government forcing compliance after dissolving our constitution, or an invading force of sorts.

These circumstances may seem far fetched for some, but in these uncertain times one must be mindful of the possibilities and how to protect oneself and those around them. This is what the Second Amendment is all about guys, and these are our top choices from our personal collections.


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  1. My favorites life and liberty gun is the m1 garand: she ain’t the best rifle to use today, but I’ll be damned if that thing just ain’t fun to shoot/hunt with

  2. I would say
    -My grandfather's M1911a1
    -My great grandfather's Browning Automatic Rifle
    -My Springfield M1A
    -Pre ban Sig 550 or 551
    -Remington 870 tactical

  3. I know in few years behind but in my Mined instead of M1 I would Rather have a Lee-Enfield Mark 4 it has a Standard 10 Round Magazine plus you can Purchase a Larger Magazine If Preferred! I know M1 and Mauzer are Excellent guns but they are booth 5 Round Rifles!
    Just saying!!
    God bless!!

  4. agreed, you can get the job done with a mossberg or remington but i wouldn't want to be downrange of that benelli with either, a few of those 3.5 inch with 00buck would not only clear a crowd but also put a lot of holes in it…..

  5. If the worst happens, grab what you can and go out find a group in a shoot out then after they are gone, then pickup the fallen weapons and use them

  6. Are you two guys Americans or just illegal aliens?? Glocks Bennelli and AKs, the Springfield may not even be made in US. I am not American as well, and my choices are the 1911A1, the 870, how much worse can that be, since half the police have that and cheaper than the Bennelli, and if I need more fire power, and a real rifle round, I get the M1 Garand, and I can drive nails in at 100 yards with a Remington 700 or the Ruger equivalent.maybe my mentality are just more American than yours.