In this video we discuss useful guns that can be had for typically under $200 up to around $250. This video is meant to showcase the somewhat overlooked and underrated guns that people brush to the side because they are not tacticool or something you want to tell your buddies about. They will however fire when you need them to and do the job at hand as long as you know the limitations of the fireram. We hope you enjoy.

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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant

Sticky Mosin Bolt? Here’s how to «Make your Mosin Rock»

Lost Arts Part 5: The Little .410 Shotgun that Could

Davey Crickett Youth rifle at 250 yards

Keystone Arms 10/22 & Crickett Shooting 400 Meters .22 LR!

Suppressed Keystone Cricketts

Mosin Nagant Torture Test: Part 1


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  1. Good info video great u can get such Gewehrs for that money but i think your joking with the gun u wear with u because why should a guy with a job and alotta guns around him have a small caliber 6 rounds gun? hes defently one whos chosing wearing a glock or sig sauer or something like that that has atleas 15+ rounds and modern new model.

  2. I've never heard of the alloy frame Maks. Which country made them? That is a nice choice. Since i've always kinda wanted a Mak for my gun library, that would be the one. Always live a good break open shotgun. I probably need at least 2, a 20 ga and a 410. Nice video

  3. My question is where could you buy a mosen nagant? I've looked at all of the pawn shops and sport stores around here and haven't found one. Been looking for one for around 2 years