Top 5 Guns Found in Evidence Lockers


In this video we discuss some of the guns most commonly found in police evidence lockers. In no way are we suggesting that these firearms are more desirable for criminal activity, they are however in a class that makes them more readily available as «throw-away» guns for example in illegal activities. Some of the guns shown here were never used in a crime but rather stolen and placed in evidence lockers upon their recovery. Stay tuned, more to come!


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  1. Jonathan Jones

    "Holds a lot of shots."
    I fucking hate shitty terminology. can everyone please stop referring to the number of rounds a magazine holds as shots? that just sounds like a 5 year olds vocabulary.

  2. Thegamingpanda Hunter

    I like be near Jonesboro Georgia well used to live there

  3. The American Outdoors Channel

    I would love to just dig through that crate.

  4. ravengamer god

    my friend is a cop and he told me that there was a MP-40 in a gun locker

  5. circuitprotector

    i'm sure the fbi and atf would love to hear about the craziest illegally modified guns your viewers have seen too.

  6. circuitprotector

    chop the barrel down on a tubular fed rifle? am i missing something here?

  7. circuitprotector

    i always like working the action of an unchecked gun with my hand in front of the barrel. very safe practice ( sarcasm)

  8. circuitprotector

    keep associating with cops. see what it gets you in the long run.

  9. Rennoc Gnal

    Damn, I have 4 of the guns that are on the video -___-

  10. A Bathing Grape

    My "neighbor" has a .22 rifle like idk what he's gonna do with the piece of shit but the most bizarre one is a m4 suppressed

  11. Hunter Flynn

    My brother in law is in law enforcement, and I asked him what he finds most common in police evidence lockers, and Hi points and Taurus pistols were pretty commonly found in police evidence lockers where he works at, even more so than long guns. Also Some of the guns he found that end up in evidence lockers are such old cheap saturday night special gun that he hasn't even heard of until he became a police officer.

  12. Wovvvy _

    lol these guys want to justify paying 2100 dollars on a kimber 1911 by making fun of one of the best bang for buck guns for 200 bucks

  13. Mel Devenney

    how about that concealed ink pen. I think your buddy thinks it looks cool

  14. Daniele Paganini

    seen a glove with nails hot glued to it. used for a corner store robbery.

  15. Gabriel Curiel

    you talk to much

  16. MeatVision

    SKS is a common thing? Damn

  17. Wade

    Chad looks like a Zach.

  18. Sharon Taylor

    I hate guns, it is the instrument of cowards. Whatever happened to good old fashioned hand to hand combat ?

  19. SavageFishingTv reviews and fishing videos

    soulja boy gonna pull up with the draco

  20. Goldie Glocks

    would they really throw my baby in a fucking pile to rust and get scratched up??

  21. Big Tom

    iraqveteran looks like a seth rogen that got more into guns than movies.

  22. Kejonte Gaming

    a sniper cut stock

  23. drink strawberry bleach!!!!!!!!

    I really want to see a red neck that voted for Hilary lol

  24. Son of my Father

    Interesitng I neve rknew gun like High point exist. Here in europe our counter part would be CZ50/70 you can get one for 80 bucks here. For 180 bucks as you say hipoint cost you can already get cz83

  25. A1 DA SHOOTA

    poor man "GETTO" WTF

  26. Jklunderful

    Had a 1919 full auto and thompson submachine gun come through… "Hidden safety ak's" false pin AR's… The works

  27. Outdoorsman Hunter


  28. Outdoorsman Hunter

    Show us a kimber45