Some guns just get way too much attention. In this list, we highlight 5 firearms that get unfairly placed on a pedestal for a multitude of reasons that we lay out for you to consider. You may disagree, and that’s just fine. Also the list is about overrated guns, not necessarily bad ones.

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  1. Go ahead and say that you don't like certain guns, that's awesome! It's all your opinion and I respect that. But when you start calling the fans of the guns names and calling the guns themselves names that is just not cool man. Would you like to be called names for having an opinion? Plz chill fam

  2. I can just see myself buying the Tavor, taking it to the range, gripping it like my other guns, aiming carefully, gently, gently tightening the pressure on my trigger finger until… the magazine falls out.

  3. I'm a fan of antique weaponry but none of your analyses of these weapons was wrong or misleading. Lots of people, especially me, love historical firearms that give you an idea of what the actual soldiers went through in their time.
    But modern advances in weapons technology really puts to shame the historical weapons of the past. I STILL LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF RIFLED MUSKETS!!!

  4. Have a very belated thumbs up. You also got a sub from this video.

    Honesty isn't meant to be a salve for hurt feelings.

    I just wish that you had skipped the AR180 and gone ahead and thrown the AR15 in there, instead.

  5. Just to remind you that the kilograms unit r use in the Nasa and for Science in general so you can talk shit about the unit that french invent it's used all over the world for a reason.

  6. Lol also the title is "Top 5 Overrated Guns" and it doesn't include the AR-15… I know of at least 20 people that have 1-3 AR-15's in their homes and I live in a fairly small town… As a matter of fact every single gun page on Facebook has tons of AR's posted all over it, pictures of peoples private armories with multiple AR's, and constant chat about AR-15's. Everybody and their mother talks about AR-15's all day long and it is now the rappers gun of choice. If that isn't the most overrated gun in the world, I don't know what is.

  7. The Mosin is overrated and has it's flaws… But for $150.00 that gun can take an ass whooping. They are hella durable and reliable. Iraqveteran gave it a pretty damn crazy stress test.

  8. What a joke, The gun isn't the problem. Shit I use cheap Chinese tools for work and get the job done. The operater is the problem, bitching and complaining about this and that. As long as Bullet "A" gets to Body "B" it works. All hammers and drills do the same shit no matter the brand.

  9. Okay let's be honest here, a Glock 23 is almost as accurate as a Thompson, has a faster fire rate, weighs less than 2 pounds, and is a hell of a lot more compact, mix that with a 100 round drum mag, and you have a better version of a Thompson that you don't have to carry in a guitar case!

  10. That clip you used for the Nagant looks nothing like any I have seen. I don't think it would change the outcome, but damn that was a chunky clip.

  11. I'm butt-hurt that he attacked my moist nugget. So I'm going to attack him on things irrelevant to the point of this video…
    You pause too long with your sentences and your similes aren't funny.
    But seriously I didn't realize how craptastic my moist nugget has been this whole time. Where can I buy a Kar98?

  12. " not put a flag on the moon". difficult to be insulted by the biggest 3rd world country in the world. "LAND OF THE FREE!" (as long as you have a lethal firearm in your nightstand)