As a followup to our TFBTV video on the top 5 overrated guns, we thought we might make a counter-video regarding firearms we believe to be underrated. This list features some great firearms that for whatever reason just have not gotten the credit they deserve. So, what’s on the list?

VZ58 Test:

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  1. They forgot the makarov. Like bruh
    The makarov has a special 60 drum mag and it rarely has malfunctions. It’s underrated because people think it has a small mag size (Ik 9 round and 13 round) but there’s an affordable drum mag.

  2. I spent my service career in the NZ Army with the IW Styer and it is a lovely weapon. Easy to maintain in the field, lovely clean lines and extremely reliable in both semi and full auto modes. The only down side is it took a bit of brute effort to cock the weapon but it is what it is … and it is a fantastic weapon.

  3. Actually, Steyr AUG is really popular in my country. its popular among police because its really compact and do better job than Muh Fancy Tavor

  4. The CX-4 is one of those exercises in plastic excess. Keep it simple. Just because you can make it look like a freaking space gun doesnt mean you should. We are not in space.

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