We probably shouldn’t be doing this video, lol.




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  1. A friend after his wife bitched about , ANOTHER GUN , told her wasn't going to buy anymore. When he bought a new gun he would take it to one of his friends with instructions. After a few days his friend would show up with his new gun ,thank him for letting him borrow it. My friend no problem if you want to borrow others let me know . Then put the new gun away, all under his wife's nose . She never did catch on LOL.

  2. Me: "Honey, I'm goin' to the range! walks out the door with an empty gun case
    Later: walks back in grinning ear to ear like I had a blast at the range — with a new gun in the gun case

  3. You guys are so funny. Been married 25 years ago and i said been and not again. If i have the cash in hand and see one i want then i buy it. I live off grid in middle of nowhere with a range 800 yards from my door on my own land. Got toys and a place to play with them and my babies(dogs) give me all the love I need.
    Happier single then and enjoying my quite life.

  4. I'm getting an SKS and I don't know how to break the news to my old lady… I'm going to buy it, and hide it.. Then one day when SHTF and everyone in my posse is using shotguns and .22 rifles for self defense, I'll be pulling out my Bubbafied SKS, with it's folding tan stock, and a backpack full of 40 round mags. I can't justify buying it, until I need it. That's when I'll show it to my lady ? If we all survive long enough to group up that is!

  5. If you know you can't hide your guns from your wife, there's a great trick to make her allow you to get new guns. Spent time with her at the mall where she tries on shoes, looks a purses etc and you gotta remember which shoes and purses she liked. Now when you buy a gun, also buy a purse or a pair of shoes for your wife. Also I just got a peanut stuck in my throat and I can not breathe. Send help.

  6. Omg this explains why all my married friends come over and show me a new gun and then let me borrow it for months at a time. I practically live in an armory.