Tower of Guns is an old-school first person shooter, coming to PS4 and PS3 on April 7th. Tower of Guns is a pure FPS experience, with old school gameplay, stylish graphics, tons of weapons, mods, abilities, and perks and huge bosses to fight.


  1. i honestly really enjoy this game, but there are so many problems with it. i managed to get to the point of just not losing anymore because the whole thing is too easy suddenly.

  2. Was not a fan of this,
    I spent 75% of the time wandering around trying to find the enemies, 10% falling off ledges and starting over, and 15% fun.
    The fact of which that this game decreases your damage output when you're hit is just insult to injury.

  3. I know how they got the footage at the beginning of the video of the entrance of the tower. If you fall off of the Battlements with the "lift ticket" perk, you will finish the stage and will be sent to the Village. Joe will be confused, as usual, and will explain how this messes up the game. This is because of the fact that you have to start from the bottom, but with more badges, higher health, an early gun mod, and, more importantly, a higher difficulty. Another side affect is the occurrence of the "Tog-o-Arena" appearing, even in Normal or Dice Roll mode (I can't exactly remember what it was called). This is because of the game's programing, stating that the Tog-o-Arena appears after every seven floors. I hope that helped, or at least made a cool trick to show your friends.

  4. +MichaeL Letherman +Miles Wright +PhysicsGuy1000 
    So you're telling me I can stack thirty seven double jumps, twelve damage upgrades, and use a rocket launcher that shoots seven rockets at once?
    How is this not universally regarded as the greatest game of all time?

  5. Also $14.99 on xbox one, the game is pretty good not amazing but interesting enough and definately better than any other ps plus game released to date

  6. Was playing this for a couple hours yesterday. It is addictive. The only problem is that sometimes the frame rate is absolute garbage when there is too much things happening at once.

  7. This game is addicting and hard at times. I love how it reminds me of quake and unreal. The best part is that one guy made this game

  8. report probleme for french version : i contact a dev, and very kindly answered me.
    Hi Wooke—thanks for the post! I've started seeing reports of the freezes today..and Grip Games and I are trying to figure it out.
    Is your console set to a language other than English perhaps? We think that might be related to the issue and Grip is working on a fix/patch to fix the problem. However, it might take them a week or two to resolve and publish the patch. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    signed by dev: bl………..