Trump Discusses Guns; Hicks, Kushner and Carson Under Fire: A Closer Look


Seth takes a closer look at the high-level Trump White House officials who have come under scrutiny and the president’s meeting with lawmakers to address gun violence.
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Trump Discusses Guns; Hicks, Kushner and Carson Under Fire: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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  1. Christine Pierce

    ? Ben Carson is still trying to find his luggage! You just can't expect him to open his book and answer your questions when he hasn't found his luggage ?

  2. Thomas Panto

    Living Things GIVE LIFE , Empires take it.

  3. CNN latest news

    everybody support my channel,to see the latest news every day. thankyou

  4. Erin the system

    ..Carson's testimony had me slipping into a coma; he should be selling "ambient sound" tapes to fall asleep to..? That painting is CLASSIC kitsch!! Hilarious! -It's right up there w/a black velvet painting of a pitbull I saw at some antique place in B.Mo; I myself am the proud owner of a god-awful framed print of Jesus helping some poor kid hold his baseball bat. (It's sweet that Jesus is there+all, but also kind of sad if the kid needs that level of intervention just to hit the ball.)

  5. Rene Morgan

    Take lessons on how to google at google; no, that won’t work. Maybe delta could help you with google skills.

  6. Rene Morgan

    That’s what she’s telling you.

  7. Rene Morgan

    Maybe he was glad he said the word correctly.

  8. Brenden James Martel

    I cannot believe that we actually found a president worse and dumber than George W. Bush, so fast! Lmfao.

  9. TheBeteljuice

    "Dr." Ben Carson…. Who puts their vote of confidence in a neurosurgeon with narcolepsy? Not me, folks. In fact I've always thought of Dr. C. as a doctor in the way Dr. Pepper is a real dr…

  10. I Created An Account For This

    I love huffing nitrous. Anyone else?

  11. rabel nyc

    Super burn

  12. Angelofmusic Wonder

    My goodness Seth you are the man…..

  13. Angelofmusic Wonder

    A tractor through the wall…. why would anyone Republican or Democrat stand by and try to sell this stupid man to the US and the world. He is such a Mark I would love to play poker with him. Ironic he owns casinos cause he shows his hand all the time. He had just learned comprehensive..,, he's like a child who hears or new word. He is embarrassing.

  14. Teri Browning

    Ben. Your. Black. Con. Your. Just Like. TrumpDog. Con

  15. Teri Browning

    Dum Ass. Nugger

  16. Coletha Albert

    He has balls. He refused to jump through hoops. That's awesome I must admit. I am not a fan but am impressed.

  17. Garrick Saro

    Seth Meyers shouldn’t make fun of autism.

  18. Judth Chrismon

    Trump doesn't comprehend what comprehensive means. Wow…he's such a clown…?

  19. Judth Chrismon

    Do you think he smokes angel dust or something? Wtf?

  20. Lars Vingum Jensen

    And just how can Americans wonder when we eropeans shake our heads and think Americans MAD ? How the FRIG could you ellect HIM ? ? ?

  21. Nicolaj Rath

    Ben Carson is the human version of anesthesia

  22. Prof Phil Bell

    What were you Americans thinking. Did you all go barking mad in Nov 2016?

  23. David Boudreau

    People don't need houses, I need a coffee cup! Comprehensive, yeah, it's on George Carlin's list, "The 8 Bad Words"!

  24. Tank Girl

    The last time they drove something through a wall they killed 30+ people in Waco TX.

  25. Riaan Nobbs

    Did people actually VOTE for this guy?
    WOW!!??? America??? Really?? What happened????