Using Toy Guns in Borderlands 3!


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  1. snakex555

    I'll be real, not really interested in any more videos of this game

  2. CarterArts

    The toy guns aren't supposed to be great, no, but you also redeemed them at level 1, then obviously leveled up really fast to 5 so they were worthless

  3. Maxwell Johnson

    I'm liking the game but DAMN the characters are loud. I don't need my character to tell me when I'm on fire or when I've been running for more then 10 seconds.

  4. sir sir

    turn the contrast down a notch. the colors are so washed out.

  5. FrickingArt

    Damn I can't believe they called FL4K a guy, now they're going to get banned

  6. Pogchamp !

    the writing in this game is absolute shite, funny but just not serious when it should be.

  7. Alarice

    Enjoyed this a lot!

  8. The Green

    How does he have those toy guns? Do you only get them when preordering the game?

  9. Cheesepuff88

    I love hat films but seeing them start off using the same 2 level 3 guns against level 5 enemies, not using abilites much, and not spending skill points hurt me, but they'll get the hang of it

    Also they shouldn't shy away from the side quests, personally i think BL side quests are some of the best there are

  10. malle1509

    I would be very okay with a full month or more dedicated to borderlands.
    However i am likely a quiet minority, and a heavy fanboy of borderlands… Likely full on fanatic

  11. ResetLoad

    Wow, that looks so… Unremarkable. I mean, I'm sure it's fun in coop but the visual upgrade is so small it's laughable.

    Edit Still, good video as always. 🙂

  12. Gage McMazing

    If it ain’t Jakobs it ain’t shit

  13. King Onyx

    Sometimes at night I find myself scratching the fuck out of my testicles and I just HAVE to get a whiff under my nails. You learn a lot about your hygiene

  14. Jordan Marshall

    There was add for Borderlands 3 at the start of this video YouTube is becoming self aware

  15. Syahdiva Moezbar

    This looks so fun

  16. Conor Gavin

    I think Trott forgot to record his cam ?

  17. Mabra

    Borderlands? More like borederlands.

  18. Ashley Winters

    FLACK is a genderless robot xox

  19. MrSpanners

    OMG Smith is the only one who is actually playing properly

  20. ZefkatMightBeGaming

    Making enemies twice as spongey < Making twice as many enemies

  21. StopaskingformynameYouTube

    How can you complain about the jokes being of the same era as the previous games?
    They are set in the same fantasy-world, and the time frame differs only by a few years.

    What.. game critics thinks they should include fortnite dances and green hair from that fuckboi ninja?
    Maby a strapon to mimic the sexual prefference of their dads?
    How about a very own pandora #metoo movement while we're at it?

    It's a fuckin game from a certain immaginary time period in an immaginary world, the jokes are fuckin good enough.

  22. David Coon

    It's not cell shaded it's inked the devs have said it themselves on a stream

  23. Ryan de Silva

    the difficulty will adjust depending on how many people you're co-oping with

  24. Jason Schuler

    The Borderlands artists would be very upset at you for saying the art is cel-shading, Trott. What they do is actually a lot more complicated and time consuming than simple cel-shading. THANK YOU.

  25. Josh

    Top quality game for streaming, the interactive stuff sounds fun

  26. thorjelly

    Great, looking forward to when this comes out for PC. A shame we have to wait 6 months for it to be released on PC. Odd they said they're playing this on PC, because I'm pretty sure it's not out for PC for another 6 months. Yup.

  27. Jarred K

    You can change the steering to WASD in the controls menu. Its under steering control scheme I think. Change to left handed.

  28. Jean-Gabriel Bédard

    i would watch an entire playthrough no cuts. Can you get the stream footage on youtube? 😀

  29. splinte111

    honestly i didn't know borderlands was out until today. Ofcourse not gonna buy it on EGS