In episode three of VICE, Thomas Morton meets a gun-crazy pastor who teaches his young students gun drills and tactics to disarm attackers, and Shane Smith travels to Fallujah, Iraq, where a rise in birth defects has been linked to the American military’s suspected use of depleted-uranium munitions during the war.

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  1. The end credits look like a who's who of Liberal America. I used to like Vice way back in the beginning before they sold their soul to leftist agit prop.

  2. Police are far untrained fucks these kids train more than cops guaranteed… sure you have the occasional police that is trained aka swat… only active duty military and people who take it upon themselves are truly trained… the police so much bc they are trigger happy… lets watch a cop go shoot an idpa match like I do epic fail is what that would amount to

  3. The comment section just ignores the atrocities done by US to Iraqi generation and talks about gun laws and rights.
    fuckin hypocrites. USA will someday for what he has done.

  4. A false sense of security, Randi Weingarten? With that logic we shouldn't teach kids about CPR or First-Aid since that's what EMTs are for and we shouldn't teach kids how to use a fire extinguisher or escape a burning building since we have firefighters. Self-defense and being able to quickly respond to an active shooter is an outstanding idea for our kids as well as adults.

  5. 9:30 I don't think this woman understands what the word "vigilante" means. Training to defend yourself against a maniac with a gun doesn't make you the punisher. Vigilantes go out and seek out criminals or create dangerous situations to fulfill some fantasy. These students and teachers are just preparing for the worst case scenario.

  6. 6:34 I still think you're nuts. You clearly haven't actually read the new testament even though you're calling yourself a christian pastor, and you're instilling an unhealthy fear (bordering on paranoia) into the children.

  7. "At the end of the day you just can't substitute for the years of training that police officers get." They get a few months of training that would equivocate to about a semester of full time college maybe a heavy load semester and they are on the beat. Lady you are NUTZ like totally out of your mind.

  8. Interesting, the woman in the School/Gun section stated "they're training the kids to be vigilantes". Really?? How's that? I see no problem with what they're training the kids to do. Gun familiarity, disarming bad guys, group charging? That is not vigilantism. One thing that wasn't clear is training them when to engage. If you can avoid the threat or retreat, that's a first choice. I'd assume a classroom does not have adequate retreat avenues, so standing up and defending yourself might be the only choice.

  9. better your kid's trained and prepared then not know what to do if the situation ever happens i would send my kid to a school like that no different then military school

  10. every school should train kids like this. honestly this country is starting to get full of people who live in fear. Thomas Jefferson once said its better to live a dangerous freedom than a peaceful slavery…I choose dangerous freedom.

  11. What kind of Superintendent is this are you kidding me and their state don`t mind ha ha ha they have freaks all over, sick world, what security is too expensive for this freaks so put the kids on the line of fire nice, New Mexico you are a place to stay away from.