Видио от 511 mp (киев)


Видио от 511 MP (Киев)

Давеча, наткнулся на видио наших киевских коллег из 511 mp.

Довольно интересные документалочки, должен сказывать.

check point ‘betsy boobs’

Это трейлер

Это полная версия

"borne of the mountain devils"

thank you for your interest in our afganistan’06 war living history group. we are located and operated in kiev, ukraine. the group was formed for people who have a genuine interest in the afganistan war. we represent the 511th military police company "srike fear", 91st military police battalion "honor above all", 10th sustainment brigade "muleskinners" which served in afganistan from 2006.


27 august 2005

subject: mountain training operation after action report

to: see distribution

1. operation name: mountain patrol (0003-05)

2. operation date: 27 august 2005.

3. location: jerico, vt

the group:1st squad, 1st platoon, 511th military police company, 91st military police battalion, 16th military police brigade.

ssg max popov (mountain instructor)

ssg max w. o’brien

pfc kirk russek (medic)

pfc john frid

pfc nick emerson

pfc curtis morales

pvt jonathan woodworth

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