Water Guns (feat. Jordin Sparks) by Todrick Hall


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  1. Sevyn Lamar

    I fucking love this song.

  2. DasReschen

    Wow! This song is so powerful! I just love it! Why isn't this more popular??
    Thanks for including Christina!

  3. eryn davis

    I am a white woman. I grew up jealous of the little black girls because their hair always braided better than mine.
    That had always been the extent of feelings on color, because like so many of my race, I didn't realize what others go through, I was foolish enough to think our ancestors had fixed it all.
    I know better now. And I don't stand for something I know is wrong. If it takes me pointing it out and fighting against for others to notice/ care, then so be it. I may have privilege, but I'm going to use it so that one day I won't.
    #IstandwithTodrick #BLM

  4. Kathleen Cheek

    This is what the radio needs to play. All these songs about sex, drug, and money. Even the ones that SEEM to talk about the world today, most of them are just horrible. Not saying all of them, but it they played songs like this I wouldn't have my headphones in as much.

  5. Tragically Insane

    people who go out for these protests should go out wearing green paint regardless of their color and hold hands in honor of this song and everything it represents.

  6. The Moon Base Toys

    I got chills from this ? every time I listen to it.

  7. Jennifer Turcios

    You remember Cristina grimmie

  8. Rhiannon Griffiths

    this gives me chills. please america, fix your problems <3

  9. Lovie Sanders

    I seen Shwana♥Glozell
    This is a wonderful enlightened song

  10. girlytalk64

    Someone show this to that pathetic excuse of a president America gave themselves

  11. Kimmie K


  12. Cathy Kirkpatrick

    My school's band and chorus did this, having a main boy and girl singer and had the rest of the singers in the background, several were holding signs of the tragedies of 2016 like for example Pray for Orlando and it was amazing, powerful and a bit heart wrenching.

  13. Shy Hussein

    except they dont discriminate against green skinned people

  14. Sid. T

    I wanted to cry when I saw grimmie's name ?

  15. Sparkly “Guardian” Gem

    black lives matter anthem

  16. kylaPups 56

    Hey Jordin Sparks

  17. Kari Hayden

    ??????????????? fuck!!

  18. Natasha Vasquez Dowell

    Beautiful song and wonderful video, this song has so much truth to it.

  19. hello its me


  20. Yasmine Chatman

    This song brings me to tears it makes me sad to see what this world is coming to gosh I'm praying for America