Music video by Wham! performing Young Guns (Go For It!). (c) 1982 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited


  1. You are finding the unpublished you ths of George Michael extraordinary. An
    extraordinary singer, sorry that he has been spoiled with the obsession of sex
    and for me wrong.

  2. ….. wtf…

    I'm pretty sure this song is about two gay men fighting when one decided to live straight and get married.

    And if people didn't know George was gay from this song Club Tropicana should have made it really clear.

  3. ou idiots spend so much time trying to decypher wham songs and george
    michael but i knew him and you arent even close! George in this record
    was trying to state something. You are a man even if you cannot find a
    job, dependant what the bastard dhss told you. Oh how i laughed at some
    of your thoughts of the record……ididots

  4. imagine if i was grew up in the 80's or lived in the early/mid 80's i was falling in love with young George Michael or any 80's celebrities and i have a 80's hairdo hehe.

  5. Can't believe this guy is dead….WTH….watching this and just shaking my head in disbelief…..I absolutely ADORED him…..he was CLASS!!!!

  6. Classic Wham song! I was like 15 or 16 at that time what a revelation! I'm still listening to it dancing on it! George was so young back then, full display of talent, voice, dance, and already beautiful! I can't think about the distraugh of his family and friends it's a huge huge loss