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Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here BACK with another Pixel Gun 3D video!! Today I’m doing something you’ve wanted me to do for many months…giving away all weapons for free in Pixel Gun 3D! All instructions to enter are up above at the top of the description. Please listen to everything I have to say because I’d really not like to have 50 comments tomorrow saying «who are the winners???» on another video when I explained everything in detail throughout the video. Good luck, and hopefully I’ll see you on the Pixel Gun battlefield soon!

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  1. I play on iOS… the reason why i want to get them is because i have a squad or a group of friends, and theyre all pros and have max level and weapons, im here stuck on a low level with only beginner guns ;—;

  2. Hello I’m a fellow pixel gun 3D player and I want these items because when I play a match in pixel gun 3D they are all usually try hards and when I try to get a kill they always kill me with an overpowered weapon I can’t buy because I don’t have enough so I want these so I can get revenge on these try hard for what they did To me (btw I am iOS user)

  3. Hello ExxotikGaming, I usally use an android running system, But the reason why I want every single gun in the game is because I come across tons and tons of hackers. Not only that, I always come across players that have higher levels than me. And then I get destroyed. Finally, This will help me out a lot of I get this because Like I said, I get destroyed in matches all the time. Thanks, Phoenix. Oh and also, I have never had the event guns. EVER! Anyways, Cya later!

  4. Hey exotic gaming I have been watching you for a long time I went on a Cruise and has no idea you posted this I really want to have all those guns but can you make a pole on YouTube next time you do one of these?

  5. I use IOS and I would like to have all weapons because ever sense I started playing pixel gun 3D I watched your channel because u really help me out and you are super cool! Oh and good luck being a YouTuber

  6. My device is android and username is EerieDemon133 the reason I want them all is because I'm constantly made fun of in game and I wanna compete with my friends so I dont look like the weak friend of them all