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Actress Leah Remini Sits Down With Anchor Dan Harris to Discuss Her Fight Against the Church. “20/20” reports on former members of the Church of Scientology, including those who are crusading against it and others who still practice outside the Church. In a new interview, ABC News’ Dan Harris sits down with actress Leah Remini, who describes her fight against the Church, including her goal to have the organization lose its tax exempt status as a religion. The Church claims that the movement against it is a conspiracy led by a handful of people who spread lies for fame and money.


  1. So can I make a proposition we, join forces with the ethical and moral of the people of the Catholic, Uniting Church in fact all Churchs, non-Governement & gosh Governement Institutions and produce a new era of ethical governance and lets kick out that crap that we don't want. Bring you feet to the fire and/or don't …. you choose but be prepared to loose if you don't bring your feet to the fire !

  2. My father challenged the Church of Scientology once and then he was chased for the remainder of his life. Then they tired to come after me. Thankfully I am "protected" ! lol

  3. I have looked into it, read Dianetics and many other science fiction stories written by the huckster L.Ron Hubbard I also call a con man.I have hit up by this cult checked it out and ran the other direction.This is a tax exempt billion dollar cult with a bully pulpit leader who needs to be imprisoned. It's Jonestown without the bad ending, yet

  4. It is not just an issue of scientology. All religions are the same bullshit. Those that you call ''prophets'' also were pathological liars, psychopaths and conquering warlords that pillaged, robbed, raped, kidnapped, enslaved, threatened, intimidated, tortured and killed people. Of course it must be stated that there is no scientific evidence to their existence in the first place. Especially your precious Jesus character. He is a directly inspired version of the ancient Egyptian god Horus, who in turn is just another version of another ancient mythological character, and so on. Look it up if you don't believe it. Scientology uses some of the same techniques as other (and ancient in their case) cults: Fear, threat & intimitation. Who knows, maybe it uses physical violence behind closed doors as well. But as long as people in general decide on keeping quiet about religion as a whole, the same age-old barbarity will live on. Because religion in and of itself is the ultimate insult to human intellect and progress. Remember we are the newest species to have stepped on the world stage and we are as of yet only a baby species just learning to walk. But we have to leave all the delusions and barbarity behind and look to the future not with our evolutionarily inherited extreme emotions but with rationality, humanism and real science, so that we can start learning real life skills instead of sticking with childish bullshit. I say all this because no one gives a fuck about other cults with the mere exception of this scientology crap. ALL cults (religions) feed of the same thing: Money! To support the church is the same as supporting the church of scientology, or whatever ''faith system'' you're in and/or supporting. All the same bullshit. If you support any of it you're a criminal. Simple as that. They are not only liars but pedophiles, rapists, molesters, thieves, murderers, politically correct psychopaths, continuation of those ancient mythological characters called ''prophets'', as well as bullies and gangsters (and much more). Still wanna support them? It's literally far worse off than giving money to some loan shark or local mobster. Would you do it? Then why are doing the other?

  5. I used to live in Florida, the headquarters are in Clearwater, everytime I saw scientologists, they were like robots, they commuted to work together and daily activities were together, they would all get off these weird looking vans,and wore the same outfits

  6. Ah, it's all a power trip and it certainly is not a church!! Shame on them for causing so much pain on people… Sure Tom Cruise loves it, he's on top…

  7. Like a European can I say this thing is like a plus evil Comunism. I will never understand how people can trust somebody who put their photo like an idol iconography. Yeach…. I m just seek of this stupidity! I really want to feel bad for this people but I really can, I mean you say you are educated people but you let yourself manipulated? No buddy this is to pathetic for me! And that uniforms things like you are some kind of StarWars Jedi for this world….Really? This people need psychiatric help. But anyway it very clear that this thing was founded by a crazy writer a Sci-Fi because he reimagining a world where he is a Commander of some legion who fight, actually nothing but that doesn't count, this is so pathetic and blow mindinging that I just can't concept how somebody can enter in something like this. God, a time ago I was condemning MISA members but this thing is much worse.

  8. David Miscavage is Satan personified. He looks like pure evil and this is most certainly a cult. You go Leah, this needs to be exposed.


  10. I made a choice years ago to not support any celebrities that I know are Scientologists. If I know someone is in this Cult, I won't listen to their music, go to their movies, watch their TV shows.
    I think if you do so, you are helping to support a cult and I won't do that.

  11. Hubbard was a brainwashing, money grubbing, delusional Cult wacko! The TAX exemption should be yanked away from that hate group. I unknowingly was interviewed for a job at a company owned by Scientology and was asked to be hooked up to some machine and asked a series of questions. I ran like hell out of there. The leaders wife went missing in 2006 and has not been seen since! I feel sorry for that man whose kids have been brainwashed to speak out against their loving father.

  12. They should make a film about this and show the world the truth and about all the celebs who have joined and the ones that have left, it would be a block buster, i wonder if Tom Cruise would like to be in a film like this or refuse😱

  13. How do you know something is true? When it works with no matter how much or how little faith people have in it. If something works irrespective of faith, it is most likely real and true.

  14. L Ron Hubbard, he was a comic book writer, had a great imagination but his life and his beliefs were and still are 'Fictitious'. Look at him, he looks like a used car salesperson, yet masses of people take his writings and beliefs as Gospel. Are you people insane? The very word 'Church' means 'All those who believe in (Christ)' it's not a building or a Religion. It's laughable that they call themselves a Church and hilarious to wait for Alien Ships to come and take them away to a planet of Paradise, that's straight out of a comic book. You Americans will believe anything, remember UFO's are NOT fact as there is no proof, comic book writers write comic books as they have great imaginations. I'm sure Hubbard wrote some really good stories, but don't take them as literal proof as all they are is STORIES. An obvious balding, overweight con man, wouldn't surprise me if he worked as a used car salesperson before he claimed to be some sort of God. The world is laughing at you America!

  15. All these bright young things discovering what this dumbass saw from the start. Stop calling it a church. It's a Cult, plain and simple. With a capital 'C'.

  16. Plot twist:

    She’s still in the church of scientology, and all the revenue from her documentary series is going to sponsor Tom Cruise’s new movie.