Fun with friends!


  1. Wow. Grohl and Axl Keeping rock and roll alive. As for the whole GnR vs Nirvana thing it was mainly Cobain's hatred of misogynistic behavior from Axl and the whole cock rock thing that turned Cobain off that band. I think the guys in Gnr actually liked Nirvana until they learned of Cobain hated them. Personally, I don't think Cobain was wrong lol and I honestly don't think he would even be playing rock if he were alive today. Probably some noise or other experimental stuff.

  2. I’m sure you are all taking a much needed “Music, Studio, & Touring” Break as of Oct 2018– just wanted to say Dave’s story videos where he tells a story and someone animates what he’s saying is really awesome.

    Hoping for more of those and/or some kind of comedy videos like “Grohls Dirty Van Show” where it’s his own show on the youtube lol