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  1. That is so true. I never thought of that. I believe we should own guns if we want but one should at least take some type of class. People have to take driver's training. A car can kill you. So can a gun.

  2. I had a 6th grade teacher (back in 1975) who was pretty much a psycho. He had the most feared reputation in the school. I went out of my way to stay on his good side. The thought of him being strapped sends shivers down my spine.

  3. No Democrat should EVER be allowed to own a firearm. Any Democrat who is caught with a firearm needs to be loaded on a box car and shipped to a concentration camp and given an immediate "shower".

  4. jews can't work or get anything done but they can tell jokes provoke blacks into doing their work . and complain well. why have they been kicked out of every country on the planet

  5. You just lost me, Lewis. G*******t. I knew you were libertard, but you were funny, so I overlooked that you pr**k. May god bless your blue a*****e.

  6. F'n this..F'n that.. The man has no character.. No depth. Why why would I listen to this tripe. Oh..I didn't.. Clicked off.. got better things to do.. Wash my car.. Pick my nose. Clean my "guns" .ha. I'm going to protect myself because they're are bad people and always have been.. They don't care about gun laws. Please arm the teachers that "want" to be armed. What a dumb*ss this man is..

  7. Anyone who is incapable of owning a gun without accidentally shooting themselves or others, or losing their temper over crap and unlawfully pulling the weapon out to brandish it, or discharge it, is also incapable of responsibly voting. Notice that I wrote "incapable". You don't have to own a gun, but if you dare not own one, because you cannot control yourself, then you have no business voting, at all, because you are too immature.

  8. That SOB would have been headed right to the oven with his ancestors with his gun philosophy. God bless the NRA and GOA. And you Dems and Leftists continue your legacy of killing millions of babies of colors each year. Democrats loved dead black and brown babies via Planned Parenthood. It's Eugenics 101.