3D Printed Guns Are Easy To Make And Impossible To Stop (HBO)


They talked about it like it was some sort of technological doomsday.

August 1st was supposed to be the day when ready-made blueprints for 3D printed guns would be released on the internet, and allow anyone to manufacture unlicensed, and untraceable, deadly weapons in their living rooms.

When Alfredo Orejuela heard about all this, his reaction was something like an eye-roll.

Orejuela is the CEO of STEAMporio. He manufacturers cheap, easy to use 3D printers for sale to schools and maker studios. And he considers the battle over 3D printed guns long over — he’s been experimenting with 3D printed plastic guns for years. The blueprints, regardless of what a judge says, were already out there.

“We’re in an era where people can get the latest Drake album or Infinity War at will,” he told VICE News. “To think you can control or stop the flow of data on the internet is absolutely ludicrous.”

The gun-blueprints project started about five years ago, when Cody Wilson, a self-described crypto-anarchist and gun enthusiast, released online the designs for a fully 3D printed gun he called the Liberator.

They were available for only a few days before the government ordered him to take them down; in that time, the schematics were downloaded tens of thousands of times.

Wilson told VICE News that he is on an ideological mission: to prove that abundant guns in America are inevitable — and that gun control is doomed.

“There’s literally more guns than people, maybe two guns for every person in this country,” Wilson said. “You know you don’t need a 3D printer to get to your nightmare scenario.”

Orejuela doesn’t share Wilson’s vision. He’s no fan of firearms. But on this he agrees with Wilson: the ease of acquiring guns is not a consequence of 3D printing.

For one thing, Orejuela says, the guns that 3D printing machines make really aren’t all that good: To produce one that would function without exploding takes days of painstaking work, and thousands of dollars of machinery. (Wilson concedes this much: The Liberator, he told VICE, “doesn’t really work.”) There are already easy-to-use machines that can make high quality guns, or the parts for guns, much more cheaply — including a CNC machine, which can produce parts out of metal.

What happens in the future is anyone’s guess — and Orejuela agrees it’s a certainty that 3D printing will only get easier, and cheaper. Quality, untraceable guns may very well be printable in people’s living rooms.

No amount of fretting will stop that.

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  1. VICE News

    WATCH Next on the rise of gun clothing at a concealed carry fashion show HERE: http://bit.ly/2qo12JM

  2. Bastian thoning

    what will happen when their will try to make bazookas ´xD


    All guns are untraceable.

  4. Norma Gilpin

    The real threat to kids and schools isn't the guns, it's the parents of these kids who aren't taking CARE of their kids, teaching their kids, BEING THERE for their kids. And the real threat to the general public isn't the guns, it's the mentally ill who aren't being cared for and the criminals who aren't locked UP! You can have allllllllllll the laws you want and criminals and mentally ill people will still get their hands on guns and wreak havoc in society. And no law in this country will keep kids, who have parents who keep guns in their homes but don't properly care for and teach their children, from creating disasters with guns.

  5. Jeron Playz

    I have the file for a liberator, I don't even own a 3d printer

  6. Матвей Малинин

    Йёбаное дрочево пока что нихуя вменяемого, но за попытки молодцы.

  7. Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &All

    Who cares, its up to the person who makes it themselves and to control what is true is death to creativity, art, and freedom of people

  8. manny 2nd amendment

    Take that gun control idiots.

  9. GICking

    While that gun is a POS, it is possible to stop "data on the internet". It just requires a lot of determination, as china has shown. Singapore too, has blocked sites.

  10. Jeffrey Conner

    Funny. The original liberator was chambered in .45 cal acp. It was a gun designed to get a better gun,thru killing a enemy soldier. And taking his/her gun. So I can see the value of this. In ww3. But now that the prices are coming down on 3d printers.It will be just something that a nabour will say "Hey Bob come over and see what my 3d printer did". It is not going to increases crime. A gangbanger is not going to carry a plastic pistol. They can get a Mac-10 for less than the cost.And more reliable . It's the same thing with buying a 60% completed lower receiver. Only law abiding people buy that.Or conversion kits to make a cap and ball pistol fire modern pistol rounds. Or people who own a rifle that shoots a .50 cal Browning round. Hell 10 years ago I owned 2 fully automatic submachine guns (Sten's)that I restored and was building a .50 cal rifle from scratch off of a M-2 Barrel. And guess what I only used them for target practise. But this will surprise you. If we as a nation could do away with guns 100%. I would gladly give up mine.I'd give up my sport/recreation time. In my opinion the 2nd amendment(the Constitution is a living document subject to the interpretation of our times) was meant for the states to decide. And they did. It's called The National Guard. That is the only authority granted by the Constitution . But to be fair I think we should be allowed to have knifes.swords,walking cane with swords,nunchucks,pepper spray,tasers,ect.

  11. Mizuki Shiba

    I'm all for gun control… Then he says he's not for gun control because it assumes everyone is a criminal, that's literally what gun control is, assuming that everyone is a criminal

  12. Pill Poppy

    People are crazy wow

  13. Anthony Krause

    The infancy stage of the replicator from star trek

  14. Ed Tin

    I'm all for gun control, as long as it doesn't apply to me.

  15. Planet Rocker

    if 3d printed guns can pass detectors at airports or other critical places, there is an issue with public security

  16. Planet Rocker

    does anyone have the blueprints ? can pay for the right ones… thank you

  17. Phúc Giang

    When you call a plastic pistol that is probably worse than a flintlock pistol a "weapon of war"

  18. M. I.B.

    Well good the Americans have the right to bear arms.

  19. JazzBoatman

    The 2nd guy, Cody Wilson, has just pleaded guilty in a child sex case for anyone watching.

  20. sina primus


  21. Red Justice

    I had a weird ass dream where I shot people with this shit

  22. ManofChrist101

    Our country gained it's freedom by civilians owning weapons of war.

  23. Raja Usama

    the good thing about it is plastic is undetectable lol