Americans Will Never Give Up Their Guns, So How Do We Reduce The Carnage?


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  1. Travels Gaia

    Even your first sentence is wack! We dont have they right to wave our fists anymore! Even if it never touches a nose! not to mention if you dont like the constitution leave the united states! There is no room for traitors to the constitution anymore!

  2. McDaniel Madness

    People need to do more research instead of jumping on the band wagon gun control will not stop mass homicides. They will just use another way. For example Oklahoma City Bombing (1995) killed 168 people injured more than 680. n 1990, an angry ex-lover burned down the Happy Land social club where his former girlfriend worked, killing 87 others in the process. In 2017, a man in New York City killed eight and injured 11 by renting a truck and plowing down pedestrians on a Manhattan bike path.

  3. Barry White


  4. George Grieninger

    just because you do not understand something and apparently you haven't looked in to the real issues of crime and the effects of owning firearms, in this or any other country with any serious consideration of thought, other than how you "FEEL", well then your statements should carry no weight on the subject. This in my opinion is a video that you think makes you look like a caring person. Well this is where our constitution did not give anybody in Government the right to stop natural born citizens from exercising their Natural rights.

  5. Rex Colubra

    Gosh, for being a channel called “Big Think” you guys sure don’t know squat about history…

  6. Joe yang

    Lunatic, so you're basically saying that suicide are up do to guns? So suicidies can't take their lives with a hand gun? I never heard someone committing suicide with a ar 15 except for someone with 5 feet long hands……

  7. Social Mathematics

    Who can use a weapon better? Answer: A professional killer for sure.

    Where can the criminals find their weapons? Answer: In the Victim's neighbors Houses and Cars or even in the Victim's House and Car.

    The real problem is how to turn this Jungle to Society. Perhaps we must reconsider the God we Trust.

  8. E314

    The purpose of owning a firearm is in defense of others and against a tyrannical government, it doesn't matter if the arms of that government is superior what matters is the resistance. Besides what government do you know loves ruling over a piles of ash?

  9. schfifty five

    "A well fed population, being necessary to the nutrition of a well fed state, the right of the people to keep and bear hunting weapons, shall not be infringed ". That's not what it says fuckhead.

  10. Liberty or Death

    diluted thinking, first off the AR-15 was NOT deigned to "kill as many people as possible" matter of fact the .223/5.56 cartridge was actually designed to Maim and not cause unnecessary wounds it's a small and fast bullet so it passes through someone as quickly as possible and does a lot less damage then other military rounds for instance the Russian counterpart the 5.45 which is designed to stay in a target and break up like shrapnel inside a body cavity and the main intent of the AK was to be a production efficient multi purpose rifle, this idea of an "Assault weapon" that big meanies in a lab engineered to brutalize as many people as possible is not true and if you grew up hunting and stuff like you said you did you'd know that the cartridges in most hunting rifles are a lot bigger and way more lethal than that in the AK or AR, I'd much rather get hit with a .223 than a .30-06 or a .308 or a .45-70

  11. Charles Badger

    So wait, you contradicted yourself. You made it a point to point out the libertarian view point at the beginning, leaving me to safely assume to have similar or the same beliefs. Yet you completely contradict that view point of "live and let live as long as I am not infringing on your freedoms," when you say you don't see the need or you claim to see a need to remove ak47 and ar15s from the market. There is your contradiction. And if you have ever bought a gun, they ARE JUST AS DIFFICULT TO GET AS ANY OTHER GUN. ALL require a background check and several other consistencies before you are allowed to purchase that weapon. The only reason anyone might have been able to circumvent the process is because someone didn't do their job; like the AirForce with the crazy guy who shot up the Sutherland springs church, or the Parkland sheriff who didn't update the background check system that the lunatic who shot up the school had broken the law. Or plain and simple, the black market. All or illegal to some extent, it still didn't stop them.

    Purpose of an AR-15, hunting Wild boar, hunting deer, hunting period, self defense. But even if they are not used for those things, they are great for helping over throw a tyrannical government. The notion that we should get rid of something, just because YOU think there isn't any or good use for it; doesn't give you the right to infringe on my right to have one.

  12. Charles Badger

    he is right, in European countries were their are hardly any guns there is little to no gun violence; but I guarantee there is WAY MORE violence over all compared to the countries with guns and such.

  13. will smith

    This guy's a moron

  14. tylergriffin333

    Me watching a Big Think video with this title and that like/dislike ratio:

    It's gotta be in there somewhere…
    Wait for it….
    Okay, he's trying to lull us into a false sense of security, that's expected.
    Wait for it….
    THERE IT IS! :
    "We should do gun control!"
    Imagine my shock!

  15. tylergriffin333

    "I've long been pretty much against gun control."
    B.S. detectors activated!

  16. tylergriffin333


  17. tylergriffin333

    Rights ARE rights, but THIS right is a "special case".

  18. Aaron Morgan

    never taking guns? Beto O'rourke

  19. Leo Ward

    Wrong. The purpose of an AR is to defend against tyranny both foreign and domestic. And that's why if you try to take peoples ARs, you've become exactly the domestic tyranny the AR was meant to protect against.

  20. charles hetrick

    I love that this is a person trying to be reasonable, however misinformed, from a few years ago. Now we’ve Francis O’Rourke out right proposing gun confiscation along with his socialist/communist/fascist cohort.

  21. Slavic Soldier

    Gun control is a load of shit. My country requires two gun licences,a tax and months of supposed training to get a weapon. I was always against gun control so I defied it and bought illegally. It was actually incredibly easy too,I just typed "guns on the black" in my native language and found 5 offers right off the bat. They cost 1/3 of store prices,too.

  22. Brendan Day

    Left wing garbage

  23. newest bear

    Beto is the reason and bloody history of subdued people. Guns laws were not formed for hunting, they were designed protect us from people like ororke and clintons. The same government who uses school shooting cases and other, as leverage to push for gun control are the sane people involved with our involvement in foreign affairs we have no business with, and the hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent people. Its usually no gun zones that end up being targets of shootings. Anti gun ppl don't think government can be tyrannical so they think it's ok for them and anyone they contract to have guns but not us. Sorry, you represent us and are uphold the constitution. It amazes me how much dirty business our federal government is involved in but it's ok to disarm the only line of defense,separating us from genocide if they chose to try. Fuck leftists, progressives,and liberals, and remember who your fucking with if things come push to shove, your lattes and Instagram won't save you.

  24. Valerie Pritt

    Touch my guns and I'll feed you my bullets.

  25. Richard Johnson

    When the Dems try to take peoples guns.. That is the day they become the hunted.

    Why I want my AR 15's and Ak47's ? Because the bad guys will have them and I want an equal playing field if they try any shit around me.

    Being outgunned by a tyrannical government and the people who they send to take your rights away. Hell yeah, you should be able to create a militia that can fight back and regain the power to the people.

  26. Jay Bisky

    The musket was the ar15 of its time. The US only has 2.5 million people when it was founded. And our forefathers wanted every 18yo man and woman to own a musket.
    Why do you need an AR? To defend against enemies foreign and domestic. And lately it’s the domestic kind that are shooting everything up

  27. KL Jackson

    Rifles are responsible for only 3% of gun crimes in the US. If every AK47 and AR15 were removed from the private citizen, violating our 2nd Amendment rights, would 3% of gun crimes actually cease to exist? Criminals are using handguns to commit crimes. Therefore, the crime rate will not go down at all. Those that misuse semiautomatic rifles will switch to handguns, bats, hammers…think about it!

  28. 315 Leaker2

    Yeah let me just use this ak 47 to stop this buglarur

  29. Dan Schmidtke

    To defend against a bad government

  30. fiftytwodelta

    You’re a dipshit.

  31. Joseph Lang

    Cite your sources maybe?

  32. anonymous k2323

    The government has way too much control period. The best decision this country made in the 21'st century is elect Donald trump! Why you may ask? The reason is because he is not controlled by any large organizations ot politicians

  33. Stephen Silvers

    Firearms are a protected right for two reasons; (1) for defending our nation and keeping our government from becoming fascist and (2) for self defense. So, AR-15's, AK-47's, and other semi-automatic rifles fill both of those roles. The irony is that the left, which is so 'seemingly' concerned about protecting the USA from 'fascism', doesn't really care about the idea of the second amendment as being the ultimate power check to the government or other's who would seek to take away our rights. As awful as it is to see selfish psychos kill innocent people with guns (or trucks laden with fertilizer and fuel), I would be cautious of any effort to curtail our God given liberty to protect ourselves, our families, and our country from either itself or some foreign power. I also find it rather ironic that most gun crimes and suicides involve the use of hand guns — not rifles, as everyone would imagine (you can look those statistics up on the FBI's crime database which is published each year). Are we to get rid of handguns too? Why not add more limitations on vehicle ownership in the united states as well since there are more vehicular deaths annually than gun deaths? I know people will say we must have vehicles and they don't think we need guns (I would argue otherwise), but in all reality why not make background checks a requirement (you wouldn't want someone who is unstable or prone to addiction behind the wheel). Or, could we simply raise the driving age to 21, when people have matured a couple more years? Wouldn't having more people commuting better serve the environment? Also, if people truly care about saving lives then why not pass laws that ban 'overly' sugary foods and deep fried fast food restaurants that directly contribute to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., etc.? With all of the rhetoric about curtailing (or even getting rid off) the 2nd amendment I think we should all be concerned, especially since there have been some politicians who are now even suggesting that it is ok to limit the 1st amendment too. Again, I think people being murdered at the hands of guns is an absolutely terrible thing, but I seriously question the deeper long term ramifications of tearing away at the 2nd amendment. Instead, I really think we need to take a hard look at ourselves and our society at large and examine what has caused people to lose their sense of humanity and connection with themselves and their fellow human beings. Ultimately, I think that's a much more difficult to question to answer and fix rather than passing gun laws. Anyways, that's my rant and I say all of this with sincerity, respect, and hope that we can have a country where freedoms and people are both protected.

  34. feralMurse NRE

    The amount of ignorance that came out of this skeptic makes me sad 😞 I can no longer assume that skepticism can be equated with sensible intelligence.

  35. Jon Henjum

    Knocking down doors and taking guns has already happened. KATRINA! The cops went door to door and took law abiding citizen's guns. And not anyone can get an AR15. You have to go through an FBI background check. I wonder if you'd pass?

  36. michael wade

    This is the same guy who got his ass kicked in a debate over Evolution and creation with Kent hovind Kent absolutely destroyed him

  37. Aaron E

    This video is full of bs lies

  38. Corey Masterson

    Do you tuck when you sit down to pee?

  39. Mr. Smith

    Stupidity, is the most dangerous assault weapon in the world and it’s never licensed, or regulated.
    Government gun control only controls the abiding and it’s done nothing, but a damn fine job successfully disarming the wrong side of citizenry.
    Government gun control will never control, or prevent criminals from preying upon the populace.
    Just like big government drug control and the war on drugs, was in all of its ignorance a useless bonafide failure.
    The government’s trying to control something that laws and legislation cannot control.
    Laws and legislation have no power, or authority over predators.
    A disarmed population will always be a target for predators to prey upon.
    An armed and vigilant citizenry, is gun control.
    Government gun control took that away and it has empowered predators with the complete freedom to prey upon us.

  40. John Tappinmicock

    They aren't to kill people. The army calls them targets


    The Second Amendment is not for hunting or target practice! It is to defend ourselves from shit foreign and domestically, especially tyrants in our country! It is your right. If you don't want one because you don't like them then don't get one!


    "Anybody can get one." You're a piece of shit.

  43. Indiana Patriot Channel

    This cat is so biased and appears to know nothing about the AR15 platform. It's the premier hunting rifle in the u.S. Go ahead, try and take it.