Amiga Longplay Hired Guns



This movie covers the complete Graveyard Campaign from Scott Johnston’s masterpiece: Hired Guns. There’s a few dark corners that are not ventured into here, but neither does it show the quickest route to complete all the missions; instead covering some of the most worthwhile detours. Individual levels commence as follows:

00:03:34 Log Entry 7: Abandoned Depot
00:11:55 Log Entry 1: Artificial Island
00:16:00 Log Entry 2: Cave System
00:24:28 Log Entry 3: Laboratory Test Site
00:36:07 Log Entry 18: Fusion Reactor
00:51:16 Log Entry 6: Enclosed City of Ghule
01:04:58 Log Entry 9: Temple of Horazim
01:28:47 Log Entry 14: Temple
01:40:10 Log Entry 5: Refinery
01:55:38 Log Entry 12: Defence Battery
02:14:06 Log Entry 19: Desalination Plant
02:19:09 Log Entry 8: Not Listed
02:39:30 Log Entry 20: Urban Development
03:03:10 Log Entry 15: Tomb Vaults
03:15:21 Log Entry 10: Ammunition Depot
03:30:44 Log Entry 11: Satellite Uplink Tower
03:35:26 Log Entry 4: Laboratory
03:49:33 Log Entry 17: Operations Centre
04:00:17 Log Entry 21: Spaceport
04:12:14 The End

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  1. ahmet aksoy

    Oh how I would like to play a remake of this game. Incredible soundtrack.

  2. Ole Mo

    AMAZING game — still fire it up from time to time

  3. Cenk esentürk

    grandma of project eden ..silenced

  4. Cenk esentürk

    grandma of project eden ..silenced

  5. Cenk esentürk

    best gAme of a1200

  6. Cenk esentürk

    best gAme of a1200

  7. Jehovah Lazarus

    I don't think I ever played this seriously, pretty much always just 4 player split screen death matches

  8. ernest hemingway


  9. Kola Kola

    I had a4000. Best comp ever

  10. Jon Erik Nordskog

    Wow! I played this games for hours. Didn't realize until a few years ago that I had to collect all the four boms to complete the game 🙂 Finished the game on an emulator though 🙂

  11. Triptech79

    Never finished this. I got stuck on a level with water iirc and I gave up

  12. Munin Raven

    Hired Guns is the only game that I have seriously fallen in love with, but didn't quite finish. Now I'm too old to go back and give it the honest amount of time it always deserved. If only it came out a year or so earlier. Still, love the memories. Thanks for the footage.

  13. Alex

    @ 02:17:00 — Is there any way to complete this level without using Bridge?

  14. Turbo

    Brilliant game back then. Never finished it but was really close. Finally I see the ending, thanks!

  15. sharkie12354

    The way you could flood the facility and sharks would appear was brill

  16. Mariusz Górczyński

    Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! My favitite game !! that music!!!! 😀 <3

  17. hijong park

    I think dungeon crawler style FPS like this would be enjoyable in smartphone.

  18. Mildromedion

    Is this first multiplayer FPS??

  19. Zontar82

    excruciatingly difficult if played alone IMO..the level with the lemmings, that with those puppies..this game had it all

  20. MadSammi

    This so needs a HD rerun.

  21. fuzzylogic27

    Anyone else still get the creeps when they hear that scritchy scratchy noise of distant enemies breaking out of their pods? 😮

  22. News Redial

    An amazing use of ambient sound to create atmosphere.

  23. Alianger

    The 240p is real

  24. treeghettox

    So, Amiga games usually don't have music? Whatta letdown. This gameplay seems fantastic.

  25. Theodor the Cat

    fantastic game, amazing times…

  26. ThePlethora1980

    Probably my favorite Amiga game of all time. I only had an Amiga 600 at the time to play it on though :(. On my copy it had a bug where it would ask you to insert disk 0 (there is no disk 0). I sent the disks off with a letter to Psygnosis and they sent me a letter with a shell command to fix the problem, which it did.

    However this seemed to trip something out with the copy protection and when saving after some time your save games disk with saves 1 — 10 would display this is a copied game or something to that effect so I could never complete it.
    Years later I have been back with Amiga emulation and save states and I got about halfway through when I encounter a bug where I could drop but not pick up items with my characters. It's hard to progress with no ammo.
    I still love the game though and trying it out on an Amiga 1200 back in the day was incredible, the atmosphere the game created, the sound samples of the guns, if ever there was a game that pushed a stock Amiga to it's absolute limit then this is it.

    I searched around and downloaded the unreleased hired guns game made for the PC using the unreal engine, it's interesting but I can see why they didn't release it. Let's hope for a remake of this using the legend of Grimrock engine or something :).

  27. Merlyn Lear

    awesome game — its a shame rockstar couldn't do a remake of it

  28. CrimsonCrux

    I loved this game, can't begin to think of the hours me and my brother would spend on it. I can still remember the cheats on the amiga version (Christinamigapplegate to save time and activate all 3). Cheule, Rorian, CIM and Bonden were usually my picks.

  29. Wayne Ashworth

    After reading that Iain M Banks' Consider Phlebas was a source of inspiration for this game I think I will get back into it!!

  30. Dalle Smalhals

    2MB Oh dear;-/ I'm OLD;-D And so is my A-1200 — with a 120MB HD-drive*
    *a whole summer picking strawberries…;-( from: 0400 — 0900 Jeez'!

    And now I do not even care; if it's 2 or 3 TB?!? HD-pron is overrated..