Apex Legends BEST guns ranking from WORST to BEST | Apex Legends Weapons


We take a look at the BEST weapons for Apex Legends going through all guns from the worst to the best covering what each weapon does! We’ll also take a look at all brand new weapons that are added into Apex Legends ahead of the Season 1 update.

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  1. fortnite and call of duty montage

    Should I sober up and pick up the mastiff

  2. Faham Parsa

    p2020 is much worse than mosambiqe

  3. J Animations

    I got something that is worst than the Mozambique it’s the of fortnite smg literally 11 Dante to the body no wonder why they vaulted that gun is ass

  4. chill

    301 and wingman is so fucking cool and good

  5. Jeremy B

    I would put the devotion much higher and the havoc much lower

  6. Olav Langli

    R99 and prawler with select fire are the two best.. p.s Panta Rei is an awesome player(angry but awesome)

  7. Gavin Vaughn

    Mozambique is the best

  8. silwerangel

    console players talking about shooters ehhh…

  9. Everything Inc.

    Wingman+peacekeeper is unstoppable is you do it right. Me and a friend got stuck in between 3 teams for a loot drop. Friend died and I started running around avoiding them and without thinking wiped one with the wingman, and the other with a peacekeeper. Some of them killed each other and left with less problems in the fight thankfully

  10. Unlimited Nightcore Music

    I actualy like mozambique


  11. The Predator32

    The Klobb (Goldeneye 007) is the only gun i've ever used in an FPS that was worse than the Mozambique.

  12. prototype219

    bruh ur list is absolute ass the eva 8 is worse than the Mozambique

  13. jacob Burney

    So many things this guy said is wrong.. spitfire with purple mag has 60 shots not 55, havoc is 100% definetly not better then the r301 , wingman does not so 110 damage anymore it does 94 to the head, energy ammo is literally everywhere I’d say it’s more common the heavy ammo, this dude is probably level 23 or some shit?

  14. A

    Lol, got an Apex legends ad

  15. Mateus Ferreira De Morais

    I still remember that back at titanfall 2 the Mozambique was amazing

  16. Mateo Belford

    very usefull

  17. exo tic

    What's my favorite gun in the game? The mastiff. What dog do I have? A mastiff

  18. Lil Kerab

    I got my first 2 kills with mozanbeak so i love it now.Still it is bad

  19. Lime

    Triple can also be used as a shotgun at close range, why the hell did you rank it so low

  20. oof oof

    Triple take should’ve been higher in the list

  21. Flacorn Mallrat

    I completely disagree with your selection.

  22. Uncharted Noob

    Kolibri from bf1 is like 10 Times worst to be honest

  23. giver cz

    Eva 8 is low? You better shut your mouth!!! Just don't aim down sights its that simple