Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan on guns


Guest Ben Shapiro debates Piers Morgan on gun control, and the need, or lack thereof, for assault weapons. For more CNN videos, check out or visit our site at

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  1. Nathan Willis

    It's physically impossible for Ben to loose any argument

  2. Bento's Box

    Pierce, go home. Zero rationale was present within that toad. Shapiro, as always…holds all the sense.

  3. quick dux

    So this is why Piers retired

  4. BigBodyG aka Papa Gabe

    Ben Shapiro creates a following that isn’t just anti sjw 12 year olds trying to be edgy: his following is a legitimate group of well thought out individuals who share the same or similar opinions. And while not his whole base is composed of these people, a majority certainly is.

  5. Tim Shaw

    I came here as apparently piers was annihilated and it didn't seem the case at all. The only argument gun advocates can legitimately pose is regarding the fear of a tyrannical government. Sorry but i'm not that concerned about this.

  6. A B

    Ben "The Beast" Shapiro just took a dump in Piers' mouth…

  7. Brandon Peckinpaugh

    Piers is a straight ignorant jackass keep doing the puppet dance for cnn

  8. Willard Clarke

    Piers morgan glad to see an idiot like you can cry about gun laws a grow man that doesnt want to hear the truth about gun laws and only hears what he wants to hear and never answers any questions that others have asked him

  9. James Missen

    As intellectual and intellegant as Shapiro is, what he said on gun laws is rubbish. Screening for mental health will not stop people from using a gun in acts of revenge or will not stop "triggers accidentally going off". Its just nonsense. There is a reason the consitution has so many amendments, because it was garbage the first time round.

  10. R E

    Fuck that British asshole

  11. Nostro

    "Lets take a break, My asshole is already streached to the limit even with lube"

  12. Yajnal Gibno

    America is so bless to have ben shapiro, milo, j. Peterson in their country.. Their Not fcking scared to this mainstream media sht

  13. Nicholas Fairclough

    Piers Morgan is an idiot

  14. Richard Davies

    Note to all Americans, if you think you are not controlled by the government just because they allow you to keep your guns then you are stupid. They ALLOW you your guns to make you think you are in control. In reality you are all the governments sheep and to stupid to even realise it. If government tyranny did happen do you really think your little guns are going to protect you from fighter jets, nukes and drones? I guess that’s a big fat no. I’m not against guns, if you like guns for hunting or shooting shit because it’s fun then that’s great but the second amendment is an absolute joke in 2019 .

  15. Kira The Renegade

    Ben had this all planned out.

    Attack Morgan directly with his words and expose his lack of reason. He'll get angry and try and rebuke his own words, but then Ben would switch to the actual politics, throwing Piers off his game.

    Morgan will try his little "what weapon was used" skit, but that's easily defused by handgun statistics, essentially disarming Morgan. Then just string him along until exposing his hypocrisy.

    It's like one of those Pokemon power draining moves lol

  16. Michael Wills

    Handguns kill more people each year but we have guns to fight a corrupt government.

  17. Preston Driver

    SC has a 47,000 man militia! SC Minute Men!!!

  18. R A D O N

    welp there’s goes his tv show

  19. k.a bang bang

    Goes from good and bad responsible to irresponsible?

  20. Dan Gent

    I hate piers Morgan with a fiery burning passion

  21. Andrew Ryan

    I'd love to see Piers shot in the head.

  22. I - News

    This interview pretty much ended Piers' future career in the US. This is also why Piers is curretnly in the UK on a sleepy boring morning talk show, now pandering to Donald Trump and singing his praises. Liberals on the whole are never philosophically consistent. They are opportunists in nature.

  23. Life 4 Fire Forever

    CNN got owned on their own show

  24. Treverium Danieval

    piers: Assault rifles should be taken out
    ben: what about handguns?
    piers: will get to that after school shootings
    ben: at least we can agree on one thing

  25. Kyiv

    Lmao I’ve seen so many people on the right argue the 2nd amendment is literally the best because they can maintain democracy and stop authoritarianism while also supporting authoritarian regimes such as Putin’s Russia, Assad’s Syria, and various nationalist parties and symbols across the world.

  26. Eazy D

    Piers interrupts just to say some dumb shit

  27. Dead Meme

    If you’re in newest comments…

    Ben’s smile is cute asf. Fuck outta here with all that other bullshit THIS is the main focal point