Best New Guns from Shot Show 2017 : Hudson H9


This video takes a look at the new Hudson H9 in 9mm . This new gun and gun manufacturer got a lot of buzz at the 2017 Shot Show

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  1. Randy Vertrees

    Cool …but looks a bit like a taser!?

  2. R Sid

    I hate that I'm in California.  I pray this is successful enough for them to submit to CA for "safety" approval.

  3. Red Coat

    Impressive, US does start-ups best. Love the look of this pistol!

  4. Mary Griffith (Bradon's Memaw)

    First look I thought it was overpriced. Watched different shooters and love the recoil being straight back with low rock. Awesome gun.

  5. tenordrummercj

    Too bad Mass people will never see this :(

  6. mojo jojo

    why is the front end so huge?

  7. James Lee

    Looking for an external safety, is it offered? With that short trigger I'd prefer a manual 1911 style safety.

  8. Ted Ivan

    Mrs Hudson is great face for the company. Attractive and knows her guns!! What man can resist? Lol

  9. Nancy Tran


  10. Quinney Pig

    Reminds me of the halo Magnum.

  11. Cosmicblast77

    How much $$$$ ?

  12. parker simpson

    has my attention, looks like a neat firearm

  13. DavidSixSixFive

    So they went with the idea that Chiappa used when they designed the Rhino.

  14. Bolívar Isaac Segura Dobbs

    Great engineering job of this couple. The weapon looks very nice and aggressive. The woman is a doll that we hope to see in a bikini on the Hudson pistol calendar. I'm interested in this weapon.

  15. TheHealthPhysicist

    Would Jesus shoot people with this gun?

  16. Daniel Stoner

    Good video, but there are no skydaddies, folks…. manmade mythology. The Hudson is now piquing my interest for sure… It exudes quality & innovation, from what I can tell.

  17. Stew Shepard

    lol so it's a knock off Steyr L9

  18. Harvey Baker

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  19. John Montgomery

    Look kinda something old and something new, like a Bride gets ready before she meets her Groom .
    I kinda like the looks , definitely different, I just almost thought this gun look like a big ole Tazer.
    But 5hat 1911 style grip and trigger, I bet there is no muzzle flip , fellow up shots are probably nice , but I guess I would need to shoot it , or take your word for, which I have know doubt if you say it shoots nice , we'll that's good for me .
    Thank again for this new update and review of this new pistol and company.

  20. pinkiewerewolf

    American entrepreneurs making innovative products. The H9 might be the gun that makes me move out of cali, just to own.

  21. Tony Reynolds

    Why is this gun so tall from the barrel down ?

  22. 16 blocks

    I'm assuming you can't carry this because it's surpressed?

  23. reg profant

    bacorable not about you that's for sure