Beto O’Rourke is a little confused. The former El Paso representative is apparently speaking to «Texans» who — according to him — say they’re happy to give up the guns (like AR-15s) they currently use for protection and hunting. Hmmm…doesn’t sound right. Who are these «Texans» the 2020 candidate says he’s talking to? Welcome to Beto’s Texas fantasy!

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  1. Im a Proud Texan born and raised in Dallas….
    And this issue fixin to guns…….My guns, it doesn't make sense….
    You may ask for every single Texan about it.
    This is like to cut off our virility..
    ..if y'all what i mean

  2. Well, considering only a tiny fraction of Texans have these dangerous toys, what’s the issue? In the immortal words of some random Republicon: “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.”

  3. If the FAKE Mexican, ROBERT O'Rourke actually thinks that ANY LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZEN is going to give up OUR RIGHTS and OUR GUNS…

    He is even more LIBTARDED, MORONIC, and IDIOTIC than the BRAINLESS PRETEND Mexican looks!

  4. Beto is full of shit. I agree with the guy in the comments section. The government has failed the background check. Beto, is a criminal and can't own one.

  5. Gambling metaphors are being used. The Left is doubling down, going all-in.
    I've heard that a lot of gamblers arrive in Las Vegas in $40,000 Lincolns but leave in $200,000 Greyhound buses.

  6. He must be talking to illegals in texas that don't speak English. He was running his mouth so much to them giving them a headache so they agreed with him se senior

  7. Let's deal in real facts beto o'Rourke ran for office in texas he spent millions of dollars campaigning. We said hell no beto must go. We showed him u can't buy ur way in here.this idiot is about as smart as the college educated babbling idiot Cortez representing NY. That's why he's not representing texas.

  8. If all these AR owners are so willing/Eager to turn in their AR's, I guess You should go and get them, Robert Francis,. You lying sack of excrement

  9. The Democrat Party has DESTROYED the American civilization in my lifetime. They've turned it into a 3rd world country while spitting "racist" at me. Frankly I'm more than ready to see them all with bullets through their heads.

  10. is he really speaking for texas? last time i was there i was there they were proud resonsible people carrying rifles in their truck windows. it is safe. no prob.

  11. We all know that Beto is lying he is saying all this about taking your guns because he thinks he can get elected . I'm quite sure that I have just as much chance becoming President as he does.

  12. says the convicted criminal that couldn't pass a background check……  P.S.  I call him, BETA Ospork and he's taking pages out of the Clinton Ill do and say anything for power play book

  13. Tell ya what Beto…dress up in one of those tactical uniforms with all the gear that goes with it and lead the way into the gun-free zones starting with the criminals that 'do have' illegal firearms, owned illegally, and see how that works out for you.
    Then we will have the discussion on you taking them away from all law-abiding citizens.
    I can guarantee you that the answer will still be no…then what are you going to do? Hmmmmm!