Elle sits down with a designer from Borderlands 3 to talk through new planets, new playable characters, and the small matter of ONE BILLION GUNS.

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  1. There's not "one billion" guns it's marketing bullshit.
    There's just slightly different variations the same guns then they include that as a "different gun", ie: one has a scope the other one doesn't, or one has slightly more ammo in the mag than the other one but they're still the same guns. Procedural generation is nothing special .

  2. The Borderlands lore evolved to a point where we now have arguments in the style of Android vs iOS about weapon manufacturers. I'm a Jakobs, my friend is a Tediore. He says my Jakobs are like a hot dog with only ketchup in it and I say his Tediore are wasteful and frustrating. I mean Tediore, really?!?! 😉

  3. The 1 billion guns thing always gets me, it's just if their are billions of different guns and different ways they randomize then surely a random gun has the chance to be better than a rare boss drop but instead bosses are spammed for the same few guns time and time again.

  4. Is Elle excited about every game she talks about? Seems a bit convenient…

    And if you listen closely everything she speaks about is pretty vague, like she doesn't know a thing about the Borderlands franchise. Anybody who's played would know we've only been on one planet, the main planet, Pandora.

  5. I can honestly say that I never wished that I could travel to other planets in the Borderland games. I have nothing against it in the new game. But it certainly wasn't something that even crossed my mine. So it certainly not a selling point for me, its just a nice feature that I could take or leave.

  6. Whatever you do people dont take a screenshot. The goon sqaud will be at your door. I will wait for the ultimate deluxe codex version thank you. Will not support a company that uses thug tactics because they got their feelings hurt.

  7. I heard that 2k colluded with Russia to put all these guns in the game and the Dems want background checks for any character in the game before they can use any gun. If anyone replies to this…please whisper, no all caps. It might like, trigger me and stuff. Oh gosh, I need my safe space…and a nap.

  8. I remember how this works:
    — Make about 5-6 types of ammo;
    — Make a shitton of samey-looking funnily-shaped guns/rifles/bazookas/whatnot;
    — Make them shoot those previously mentioned ammo types with different ammo required per shot/damage dealt per shot/clip sizes and other randomly generated essentially samey characteristics;
    — Claim to have made a billion guns;

  9. What's the point telling is a game has a billion weapons.

    It's the same thing as no mans sky telling us it has billions of planets… it's a hollow brag because none of us will ever see all of it or even close.

  10. Before watching vid: they didn’t make 1 billion guns. They made about 200 and made different variations of said gun. (Having a one version of a gun shoot fire and another version shoot Ice doesn’t count as having two separate guns, but two different ammo types.)