Nothing like getting shot in the fingernail.

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Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. You just earned a sub, this is excellent content! Very funny and also very true, I remember only a few years ago (well it seems like only a few years ago) I the UK, you didn't need to have a license to own an all black BB gun. The laws have changed since then, but idiots are definitley still idiots, still ruining things for the rest of us 🙁

  2. David: aw sweet this is sweet

    Shoots Michael in the face
    Michael cries
    Brewstew: David what the fuck it's my turn to shoot Michael In the face.

  3. I remember when I had an airsoft gun. I shot at in my butthole and now I can never poop normally again. It sounds like a man slapping the back of his hand on his thigh.

  4. I had a "stone age pistol pelet gun" too, but it broke. Not even a day! Like 5 hours of having it.
    and now im getting an M4(A1?) That will be harder to break