«Little Toy Guns» appears on Carrie Underwood’s album, Greatest Hits: Decade #1, available in stores, on iTunes: & AmazonMP3:

Music video by Carrie Underwood performing Little Toy Guns. (C) 2015 19 Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Sony Music Nashville, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment


  1. this song man this song helps me out my parents fight mostly every time they speak but this song hits deep to the core for me grateful for this song

  2. this song make,s me cry when my sister is not here and we don't live together any more I've been crying just because I never get her I really miss her are you so much I just don't know you no if I can deal with it I love and miss her I can't get away love that being away from home i really want her back I MISS HER SO MUCH LIKE SHE MISSIS ME

  3. Pick up lines 1:you smell like garbage can I take you out 2:are u my backyard cuz I'll bury my bone in you 3:I'm may not be Fred flintstone but I can make your bedrock! All done?

  4. this song gets me through the roughest days… I've been bullied for 10+ yrs, rsped, and physically mentally emotionally and verbally abused for 8 yrs. I finally got out at 18, will be 19 very soon. I wish words were really like little toy guns. some people just don't know how much words really hurt.

  5. The only reason, this song and "Something In The Water" were put on decades album, because they didn't fit with "Storyteller" album, which is true, They don't fit. But, I don't think Carrie or anybody else with the label figuring it was two no. 1 hits.

  6. I wish you my heart and that I know how it is because my mom had so many fights that I was crying because of it.My friends and family helped

  7. This song makes me cry because unrelated to it a lot because my mom didn't want me or my 3 other half siblings so I had to go into foster care and then I live with my great grandparents because my dad can't take care of me so I only see him on the weekends and he doesn't really care about me cause he would go and have another child right now that will be 14 years younger than me and he wouldn't be verbally abusive to me and the rest of family

  8. My bff who is a Christian loves this song and was singing it in church and this song was recommended by her☄☄☄I love this song totally recommended????

  9. wow to read all these comments breaks my heart. So many experiencing this kind of hurt is so sad. Know that you can break that chain. We go through tough times to show others that they too can make it through. God bless everyone.

  10. my parents fought all the time they got divorced when i was 11 and got together again and divorced when i was 18.. this song reminds me of all that. i hope my son never feels that way