Daniel Radcliffe & Samara Weaving Interview — Guns Akimbo


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Similar to Jason Lei Howden’s first film, Deathgasm, Guns Akimbo is a «see it to believe it» kind of movie — a film with so many wild set pieces and such a unique style that no description can do the experience justice. That being said, I walked away from the movie with a million questions for Howden and stars Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving. I’m shocked this interview isn’t 20 minutes of me asking, «how did you do this, this and this,» with an awestruck look on my face, but somehow I managed to keep it together and run through Howden’s journey from the release of Deathgasm in 2015 to finishing Guns Akimbo for a TIFF 2019 debut.

Check out this video to hear all about Howden’s experience getting Guns Akimbo off the ground, why vitamin C is key to Weaving’s role, the incredible technology Radcliffe got to work with on set, and loads more. (There’s even a little «Would You Rather» in the mix!)

Read Perri’s Guns Akimbo Review Here:

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  1. Lincoln 23

    Please!! Make the sequel!!!

  2. Nitesh Banga

    Only here for samara

  3. William Carswell

    Not the greatest movie ever but definitely a good movie worth a watch but I love the style of the movie and of course the acting is on point

  4. ShnoopyxBloopers

    Samara would be a great female joker if they ever went there. She would bring the darkness to the role.

  5. AnotherBoi

    best fever dream simulator ever

  6. aDorKable Girl

    Samara, sweetie. You're too quiet there LOL

  7. zohnbon

    I really enjoyed the whole script and the action shots taken, meantime funny dialog delivery makes you feel more laughter, time passed without getting bored. I am giving 10/10 Guns Akimbo. Nix role is nicely delivered by the girl. Miles was awesome till the end 😂

  8. John 09

    i wish they not kill samara character so they can team up in part2

  9. Sherlock Holmes

    Samara Weaving is not speaking at all

  10. Lolzguyl

    I would watch "Tethered." That would be fascinating.

  11. Ish Bangura

    Daniel looks like hes never slept in his life and looks like a zombie

  12. FelisDestructicus

    "Nix" the movie. Please make it happen.

  13. Daniel Mazz

    Samera didn't talk much

  14. Kira Senpai Yandere

    i really hope they make Gun Akimbo 2 with the same soundtrack. Love this movie , the best movie in 2020

  15. Dheeraj Paleri

    Why did they make Samara sit there? Didn't ask her a single question and I personally think her character was much danker than Radcliffe's. Fcuk it, she was the real hero of the film…!

  16. tahu kotak

    Hmm Daniel look like not healthy

  17. Ethan Holgate

    Daniel Radcliffe is slowly losing his English accent I think

  18. janoski09

    this movie was hot garbage, neon infused Mad Max rip off. Feels like a fever dream

  19. Marlie H

    this movie was aweosme

  20. MilkCap

    Speak up honey.



  22. Ruşen Akman

    I think Samara didn't even got a working microphone. She's not just a pretty face you now. This is a huge letdown because most of the interview is great.

  23. Charles Iannini

    I'm I the only one who thinks the 2 sitting next to him look like Ron and Hermione

  24. BlueOzzie

    Why is there no trailer for this movie i legit can't find anything about it online wtf?

  25. Flaming Films : C.S.

    Radcliffe looks like he's sinking into the chair, and Perri looks huge. There's some weird Alice in Wonderland stuff going on here, also speaking of which Radcliffe looks like he's trippin lol.
    Fun interview, and I ❤️ Samara!

  26. Osigot

    0:47 just look at Daniel's face

  27. melslilcuties

    Dan can u pls marry me? TY
    i fucking love him he is so beautiful 💛🤣

  28. JDen LT

    I love Samara😍😘

  29. Werdna Swag

    Samara😍 my celebrity crush

  30. Mk Ely

    Samara is a very reserved person but she was not asked many questions and it was more the making of the movie.

  31. nonchalantd

    Did Samara say anything?

  32. StragoS

    Samara :-*