Elizabeth Warren 4th Debate: Put a huge Tax on Guns until people want to turn them in


Elizabeth Warren Gun Control

Elizabeth Pocahontas here just said she doesn’t want to do a mandatory buyback not because it’s unconstitutional or because she doesn’t want to take away guns, but because she doesn’t think it will work. Instead, she wants to make owning guns so expensive and hard that you can’t own them.

Her issue isn’t the taking of the guns it’s how they go about doing it and she wants to take the path of least resistance. Tax the guns to death and they won’t want to own them anymore.

Make them register the guns while making the process to do so arduous and complex you won’t want to do it.

Here is the kicker. No one asked her what happens if people decided not to register the guns. Are you going to fine us? Are you going to throw us in jail? Or, are you going to come and take them?

Either way, this is sounding super duper exactly like what BETO is proposing just with a bunch of soft-spoken words on the top and a, “Hell, yeah we are coming to take your AR” underneath.

Notice she hasn’t given one solution that doesn’t involve restricting gun rights, yet she keeps lamenting the fact that there is bigger issue and we’ve got to do more, more, more, and more, yet she doesn’t say what the more is because that more is more gun control laws.

Elizabeth, we looked behind the curtain and the only thing we saw was you trying to set fire to the constitution.

Keep America Tactical

I Am the Militia

I Lost All My Guns In A Boating Accident

The AR is Protected by the 2nd Amendment

If I Only Had One Concealed Carry

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  1. Sean Murphy

    Her ignorance is dangerous!!! Do you want a civil war? Because that’s how you get a civil war!!! Unfortunately for the liberals it won’t be civil

  2. Michael Stratton

    My opinion on gun control, if there's a gun I want to be in contol of it

  3. Blade Ponds

    Warren, if you want to get what works done… WHY ARE YOU STILL PUSHING GUN CONTROL!?

  4. B. Hannon

    Why is it ok for the Police to have full-auto weapons but not for the general public? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=465135401017079&id=100025618690849

  5. Howard Fortyfive

    Give us some locations to muster at across the 57 states Colion.

    I wish your entire name was easier to spell but I'm behind you and the 2A surrounded by empty brass.

  6. jasper mcmillan

    Imagine nervous Deputies going down some lonely dark country road late at night enroute to a Trailer Park to consficate John Earl's guns……..yea RITE!!!!

  7. J S

    I like fair price buyback program… See I have a few rifles I don't really like…. So if they're going to give me a fair price I will sell those rifles I don't like… Then go back to the gun store and buy the rivals I do like…..so can we let the liberals just go ahead and do this one…. I really want a 762 piston driver…. And scars are over $3,000

  8. Vince Moua - Hmoob Meskas

    That's exactly what it is in California and that is why HALF of the population in California are thinking about moving.

  9. Kirk Jones

    Another dumb ass Democratic that are interesting in crime but total control of law abiden citizens. Her solution will not effect the criminals.

  10. Chase Johnson

    Didn’t we have a, a war years ago over are rights trying to be taken away! Hmmm, I’m starting to see a pattern here.

  11. Chase Johnson

    Hahaha. He’s like thank you please, shut up now ???

  12. Robert Bogan

    We should put a tax on polititions so they make only have a average salary after all the free shit they get. Oh and so theyll leave office for others to take up.

  13. Sam The man

    Yea im not paying taxes on my guns I already had to pay a sales tax to buy them ill be dammed if I register them just to pay taxes on them.

  14. Rickey Baker Baker

    The Democrats solution to everything more taxes just like her healthcare for all don't let it fool you folks she wants to tax the s*** out of all of us never seen so many liars in my life goodness

  15. Rich B.

    There's a dark smelly place she can shove that tax….sideways.

  16. Johnny Almager

    The only ones that Are going to register Their guns and pay taxes Are the law abiding citizens

  17. Shaun O’Conmor

    Just like Beto history lol

  18. Shaun O’Conmor

    Lol she’ll never get the chance nutbag

  19. real macoy

    Warren just signed her "drop out" of the race warrant. She admitted to wanting to take "out of the hands of PEOPLE".
    Not JUST the criminals….not JUST the autistic kids… not JUST the PTSD stricken but, THE PEOPLE..!!
    We could call what she said, a Freudian slip…or simply her being honest about her agenda. Either way….she intends to remove guns from "THE PEOPLE". Again, as we've heard a million times…criminals won't turn their guns in. So, guess what…YOU'LL be handing yours over if you're a law abiding person, and you'll be at risk after that point in time.
    Been saying it for years, folks…
    These crooks (whether Dem or Rep) will make it so painful to own or purchase a firearm, that you'll simply give up.Oh, and BTW…she will drop out. She won't get beat, she won't win… She will do what ALL these gun grab platform candidates will do…she will take her non profit earnings from her campaigns and simply drop out, completely.
    You heard it here first..!!
    How could I possibly know this..?!?!

  20. Mervin Smith

    After trump is gone in 4 years you guys are fucked with those idiots in charge as fuck as l am in Canada with old black face Trudeau