Father challenges Marco Rubio on guns


Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was killed in the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas high school, challenged Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) over Rubio’s record on guns during CNN’s Stand Up Town Hall.

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  1. Stinky Monkey

    Disgusting. 18 year old adults aren’t suppose to defend them selves? Fuck you.

  2. Jeremy Hocker

    He just proved to be spineless

  3. Hunter Moss

    Over a year later, nothing has changed. Imagine that.

  4. Ambessa

    >more guns in the US than people
    >criminals by definition don’t abide by laws
    >wants laws that prevents criminals from getting guns

    ok then

  5. john smith

    this guy is a liar the school shooting was a hoax for a gun grab

  6. john smith

    our gun rights are just that a right and it will not be infringed

  7. TheZuch

    People have been killing eachother with rocks since the beginning of time, assault rocks are still legal.

  8. Terrance Heck

    There’s nothing you can do about guns. At all.. you can change the age to buy a gun. There are still going to be shootings. Maybe the parents of the kids should be alittle more careful of there guns and do something when there are warning signs that a kid is going to do that..

  9. GuitarZMasterZ

    People think banning guns will solve the problem of America. America’s problems r much bigger than guns America has a cultural problem a problem of mental health a problem that needs to be addressed and solved and then gun issues will be resolved naturally

  10. Marie Heenan

    It was not the tool used that murdered our students. It was the person using the tool, it was the armed police who stayed outside instead of coming to their aid until after the fact, it was Obama's executive action of not going after problem kids because it lowered the school standards and community standard. So they looked the other way to get altered facts to make Obama administration look good. Please stop punishing our 18 year olds. Punish the kids before The problem grows into school killer.

    The logic of Rubio's ideas do not address the crime or criminal in the making..

  11. Merk Rage

    The 2.3k dislikes are the people at the NRA office who were ordered to make a hundred accounts and dislike it

  12. Percy Goodbeard

    I would be happy to hear this debate if the fucking audience would have tape over their mouths


    Marco Rubio gave good answers. The bottom line it's very biased in this CNN town hall. The bottom line is the left wants all guns banned period.

  14. Moonlight Cravings

    Fake news CNN!

  15. Augie doggie and Mimi !!

    Sandy hook had been closed for years it was used to store furniture

  16. Augie doggie and Mimi !!

    Hahahaha has bump stock. Really

  17. Augie doggie and Mimi !!

    We're forks the factor in fat people

  18. Augie doggie and Mimi !!

    Rubio is a cunt pussy

  19. Darwin Regalado

    Yesterday was 1 year 17 people were killed??

  20. brandon christino

    The NRA is not here to defend our rights they are with the liberals. People don’t realize the importance of the second amendment that the governments has an overwhelming advantage when people do not have modern weapons. Anyone who says that the government would put down any resistance because they have tanks and drones don’t have a simple understanding of tactics. The greatest deterrent to a government seeking to much power is an armed civilian population, we are the militia. I went into the army at 17 and was handed an m4 why is it that 18 year olds can fight and die for their country but back home to defend themselves they think they are not old enough. No assault weapons ban or any of there laws would of stoped or will stop any act of mass violence. We must understand that to maintain individual independence there may come a day when we have to fight for it and we can’t give up our weapons now just because tyranny isn’t quite in view yet because when that day comes it will blind side us, no one will see it coming so we the people must stay prepared always. Now that being said we must post at least two officers in every school and rid of gun free zones in places without metal detectors and police. If anyone can walk in it just becomes a sign if no one is checking people at the door what’s the point a person with evil intent does not bother with a simple sign their goal is death and only the defenders of the innocent will be able to protect them. If you’ve ever heard don’t bring a knife to a gun fight that has real meaning here except these places tell you bring nothing to a gun fight. You must be prepared not paranoid for people to inflict violence onto you be ready to deal with that because the world we live in is a violent one where people care little about live and the devil has consumed their soul and as long as those people are here with us we must be ready to fight the good fight for the innocent and the weak and unable.

  21. Cr8tive

    The left is such a rabid pack of dogs

    What a fuckin turn off

    So glad I left the vulgar and unstable Democratic Party

  22. Richard Smith

    Hey stupid>>>> GUNS don't kill people!!! PEOPLE kill's people you stupid fool!!!

  23. BreadBoi

    Why does everyone boo the person because they don't agree with them ???? That's so immature of them and they obviously don't seem to know that you need a drivers license to get a gun in the first place. God these people who are obviously so misinformed make me angry and I just want to tell them that they need to look at the big picture. The assault weapons ban will only work for a certain period of time.

  24. ScopeKing1994

    Rudest audience ever

  25. Christian Jew

    Fuck allat gun control shit. Kill more bullies kids. Fuck em

  26. Ray Shepherd

    We CaNt BeCaUsE iF yOu TaKe ThE pLaStIc GrIp OfF tHe BaCk ThEn ItS nOw LeGaL aNd PeRfOrMs ThE sAmE wAy….

    Then ban those 2000+ too, you money hungry fucking idiot

  27. manny vasquez

    What if the fucker has a knife and starts stabbing kids left and right
    You know how easy it is to buy a pocket knife
    You know how easy it is to take a knife from your kitchen and sneak it in somewhere
    You know how many stabbing have happened in the past month
    Lets just put a ban on all sharp objects

  28. Sarcasm

    Assault weapon is not a word

  29. Him Bike

    Ban all guns, so bad guys won’t have them. Oh wait

  30. Mike Dodd

    He didn't shoot up the dam school, they shouldn't do these town halls any more

  31. Christopher Parris, Jr.


  32. Drew Whelan

    Weapon of war? Moron, ASSAULT weapon? Moron. AR doesn’t mean assault rifle, it stands for armalite rifle. An assault rifle is an automatic, those are not legal in the U.S for any old Joe… we have a libtard here folks. Clearly is uneducated. Someone could go into a school with a glock with an extended clip and do possibly MORE damage by sneaking it into a class?! Or a kid could run over a crowd with his car? If you ban guns, the crazy kids will find a way to kill. Simple as that. It’s the person not the gun. Think I’m wrong? Change my mind, you won’t win

  33. Where in the world is Tyra Angelita?
  34. JohnnyHenry

    Hey idiots. Imagine this, guy illegally buys guns. This law wouldnt do shit

  35. Life Saving Defense

    Learn to defend yourselves.

    Control is a fallacy.

    Blindness is stupidity and cost people lives.

    Guns are not the problem.

    People are.

    If you want to save lives, stop tobacco and drinking alcohol and tell that lowner you ignore that their life matters and stop the bullies.

  36. Life Saving Defense

    Unfortunately this father is blind blaming a non living object for killing someone instead of the people.

    Assault weapon is the dummest term on earth.

    Guns are NOT the problem.

    Schools throw our kids away and dont respect parents. They are just a babysitting gun free zones which create killing galleries with no way for our children to defend themselves.

    Bumpstocks are also just a tool and are not needed for rapid fire. They do NOT allow full auto.

    Kids become shooters because they no longer value their own lives.

    If you really want to save lives tell that lowner person or weird person you never talk to that their life has value.

    It's been illegal to murder since before our country was found.

    If laws worked our jails would be empty.

    Learn to defend yourselves.

    Gun deaths per day including criminals = @ 93.

    Deaths per day from tobacco = @ 1,350

    Deaths from alcohol = more than anything.

    Where are your calls to stop smoking and drinking?

  37. Noah May

    What? He wants to take away the right to buy a rifle at 18. That’s bull shit. We shouldn’t keep giving away our rights to the left

  38. David jensen

    I think Rubio said he will support raising the gun age to 21 is because he was trying to get this guy who was questioning him off his back.

  39. Julian Valles

    You’re all sheep. More guns, less problems. Join the military and tell me otherwise.

  40. Kenneth W. Lovette

    Read between the lines. There's a much deeper, a far more evil in your face….do you really believe this Dad talking lost anyone?!?. Wake up and do your research. Fake lives matter!. Fake death's are their tactics and your emotions give rise to the confusion needed to disarm Americans so their agenda can be ushered in!. I hate death but I loathe liars even more. BTW have you ever seen one of the countless thousands of Hollywood movies with innumerable actors playing victims?!?. Well go a step further and imagine a desired CNN, ABC, NBC or any MSM outlet broadcasting a contolled event by the puppet master elite rich wanting you to be fearful of gun violence in this country and stage an event or countless event's?!?. Footage of a youth with an assault rifle, countless cell phones yet no images except chosen, scared children reacting to gunshot sounds (blanks) and some of the children are in on the entire PRODUCTION for various effects purposes and reasons… monetary gain, to help usher in gun control, parental pressure, yet most are oblivious. Those interviewed are crisis actor's and the entire event is a staged production?!?. Did it actually truly happen?. Who saw an open casket?. Staged staged staged…There have in fact been countless staged shootings I as well as many others have been shown. Do your own research and remember these sick ones are well versed in making things look real on the silver screen. Go see a Lethal weapon movie, perhaps a Die Hard movie or countless others and tell me which to trust Hollywood or MSM or which is false!. The elite wealthy puppet masters are terrified of those they have stolen from lied to and murdered! You know my name do you know there's?!?. They want to take away man's right to defend himself. They will FAIL. I mean no harm… I have two children yet liars beware!.

  41. Ryan H

    Liberals make me sick sometimes

  42. Michelle Tom

    Lmao Rubio should have stuck to his plan of retiring. He won’t make it to a 3rd term

  43. A guy called Lamont

    This is why no body likes politicians they don’t give a fuck about us they lie threw their teeth

  44. Bianca venice Cruz

    Were not your kids rubio ldiot ohhhhh!!!! Your so paphetic marco he is a man who has a daugter that lost a life and your idiot and brutal and unlikely words are so like a idiot your face is full of fake and your heart is full of hate and your so paphetic you do not deserve to be a senator and you do not deserve to be called a hero and so do,s president idiot you are so an idiot and your face is an brutal??

  45. Jason Studry

    There's a reason why guns laws are so difficult to pass, it's called the 2nd Amendment. It's part of the Constitution because we have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Moreover, it's not something that can be passed by a one person majority in congress. To repeal, you would need two-thirds support in both houses of Congress AND be ratified by three-fourths of states. Rights aren't up for debate, you need overwhelming support to take them away.

  46. Duarte Hortinha

    No It is not the weapon of choice and no it is not a weapon of war. None of the legislations passed would prevent sick kids from killing people, more firearms in the hands of good people will

  47. D-Gauss

    Liberals are not rational people. Making rational arguments don't work.