Another This Town Needs Guns song. 😀

check ’em out. 🙂

From the album Animals.


  1. I think this is one of the best songs by these guys. Animals is littered with cool sounding melodic parts throughout the album, alot of which Stu contributed to with his unique vocal style. Sucks hes not in the band anymore… The new album is still pretty good though, you guys should check it out.

  2. @vanillaisbetter My friends have a band called Death and the Ninth Day. They have a facebook and everything, and live videos up! You may like them!

  3. @vanillaisbetter Try this. 🙂 I came across their older blog and if you scroll down on the right, you'll see "other bands" and maybe you can find something. thistownneedsguns (dot) com/blog/

  4. @Jesusbuildmygeetarh that may or may not be true but he has a valid point. the majority of people listen to some EXTREMELY generic music. listen to the radio and you'll lose count when you try to keep track of the recycled melodies and references to "the club". generalization it is but it is very true

  5. @Jesusbuildmygeetarh because the percent of the population that has good taste in music is small. We are that small population. Cheers to good music.

  6. What I dont get is how they aren't bigger…they are one of the best musically talented bands I have EVER seen. Their riffs are impecable, and the vocalist has such a tone in his voice that cannot be matched to any other. They're the most talented band I have ever seen PERIOD. I have been listening to this album(a playlist i made) non-stop for weeks. I literally listened to this album from 2-9 yesterday, and plan on doing it again today. They're fantastic.