God, Guns, and Freedom: Noisey Shreds with Slayer


Welcome to our new heavy metal series Noisey Shreds, where our resident metal head Kim Kelly will be traveling the globe to interview and hang out with some of our favorite bands.

For our first episode we’re heading to San Diego, California to hang out with the almighty gods of Thrash themselves, Slayer. We’re gonna catch up with them at Comic Con, where they’re debuting a new comic book through Dark Horse comics, and also playing a special one off show at the House of Blues, a venue much smaller than they are used to playing these days.

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  1. DerSohnDesAlvaters

    the interviewer is an super annoying sjw bitch

  2. Andre Richard

    It's funny my first thought is always restraint, or simply owning that I don't know enough to speak meaningfully on a given subject when asked tough questions. If comment sections are any indication, this trait is often found lacking. Fucking idots, read a book for once! PISSES ME OFF!

  3. Bob Woodward

    Superstar wears his bands shirts til the color has run out of them. I can respect this

  4. william wulffleff

    slayer needs to stick to fucking thrashing keep politics out of it. never thought I'd call Kerry king a snowflake.

  5. Seig Heil Boy I'm from South Germany

    I can agree with Mr. King depends on the day of the week for my opinion on political nonsense

  6. Butthole Cologne

    i wanted to see some fucking slayer, not liberal propaganda

  7. painkller 713

    kerry king is a fucken badass

  8. punisherthunder

    Bostaph bitching about Trump, LOL.

  9. Angus McFife XIII

    woah… don't see many pro-gun anti-trump people.

  10. D G

    Most rednecks love metal and think extreme music makes them masculine and mean but then they realize Heavy Metal music was never created to be conservative and for republicans. It came out during a time when those in control were that and they rebelled against it. Not that they are democrats either. Just cracks me up. You have liberals who think metal is mean and racists because most metal gets pushed as white dominated then you have the conservative mullet guys around 50 still acting like they are 15 drunk and going "yeah man rock out" that have no clue that those bands could care less about Trump. Metal has nothing to do with your views it's open to go against all your views. Screw the left and the right. Both are scum. METAL !!!


    Speaking of guns, I would love to shoot that fat, ugly, dyke pig with the pigtails.

  12. Ken Coakley

    I got a kick out of Paul Bostaph bad mouthing Trump when I bad mouth Bostaph because Dave Lombardo was and always will be the true Slayer drummer. Then he talks about the Bill Of Rights, which Trump supports. Then you have the interviewer kissing Kerry King's ass. I admit that I'm a Christian (a Catholic, like Tom Araya) and if King wants to be an Atheist that's his business and if I want to be a Christian that's my business.

  13. Paul Affe

    les fans de slayer sont des gros beaufs

  14. Billy Burd

    Host nailed when she said "religious conservatives". The conservative muslims really are wreaking havoc worldwide. Kudos to her, ?

  15. AKBuilder762

    Hey SLAYER…stfu and just play music.

  16. Rob chrisssmmm


  17. qbert64 fool

    such a damn shame Slayer are a bunch of liberals well done with them

  18. 23 Savage

    Exodus >>>>> Anthrax and it is not even close….The real big 4 is with Exodus

  19. Frederico Mascaro

    "If you take guns away from everybody only criiminals will have guns"
    He described Brazil

  20. Lulz Pepe

    But the left are the ones trying to take away the guns and are the ones for censorship now. The poles have changed.

  21. Randy Wray

    I wonder what these clowns would have to say about trump, conservatives and muslims after some sand niggers blew up one of their concerts ariana grade style and literally made it rain blood. These slayer fools are fake as fuck and would cower if shit like that happened. Eagles of death meal have more balls than these losers and thats saying something.

  22. xXLerøy NajatahnXx

    Never been a Slayer fan, mostly because according to Tom Araya, their music is one huge troll post. When writing music, they try to write stuff that they know will "piss people off". And frankly, it's just not my thing.

  23. Mick Obrien

    They look like the evil Grateful Dead. Tom looks like Jerry Garcia for sure.

  24. Stavros MG

    Lol at that meat head battering the infamous spitter!!

  25. Matt Shepherd

    if it wasnt slayer i would boycot them for dissing the president who is making america great again!!!!!!