Come, step into my office…This is my version of modern-day treasure hunting. Vlogging the good, the bad, and the really really bad, alongside a bit of everyday life. Staring yours truly and some of my very close family and friends. The grind never stops, there’s no Monday-Friday, it’s a cycle of everyday courage to wake up and level up.
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  1. " thats probs 20 50 bucks … fking hell 20 to 50 is a big difrance lol as if .. not even given free eny 1 wold want that junk smelly coat ahaha

  2. lool the iphone is welth 20$ .. throw it in the bin … you never gona get in to icooud … the iphone is scrap lool ! phone welth 20$ for spares lololol 700$??? u on drugs ahaha

  3. the backpacks and the shoes are nice.. you got thule bag man…

    and after all, you got all the tools that you ever need in your whole life XD

  4. Wow these 2 are dumb as stumps. Can't believe it took him that long to figure out the other side of the lock was the same code as the open one. Genius! CAMERA ROLL!
    Don't waste your time or loose the brain cells watching this click bait crap!