In the wide-open spaces of the American West, guns are woven into the tapestry of life in ways city-dwellers may not understand. Ted Koppel visits the town of Cody, Wyoming, to find out how, for the majority of families, guns are inseparable from a way of life.


  1. 2:14 "I would say.. a very minority."
    Sheesh, please let the guy rephrase his answer so the rest of the world doesn't feel confirmed in thinking we're all uneducated hicks out here (smh)

  2. City people will never understand they are to busy killing each other robbing backs & gang violence and they think hunting is mean . But yet they let the slaughter houses do their dirty work for them so they can block killing live stock out of their minds .

  3. Easy to love guns and shoot them when not being shot at. Step your game up and see if you can focus as well when you're being shot at. Thats when you know you are skilled with a weapon.

  4. Gun control is evil. There is no possible way to legislate evil from existence. Being armed is the only way to assure that you will have a fighting chance of survival in the event that you are attacked by someone who intends to do you or your loved ones harm.

  5. This is what gun ownership is all about. Great Americans in this video teaching the next generation to love and respect the country they are born to represent.

  6. Wyoming: one of the highest gun ownership rates AND one of the lowest homicide rates
    People in California and New York: existential crisis

  7. See the American liberal — progressive — Democrat cannot fathom , perceive , understand the logic of teaching children moral fortitude , respect of life , gun safety starting at a age in which most of these liberal types never progress past , 5yo . This is what America should be like , i suspect in the free states it is . I know that here in Appalachia it is . See Ted you left out some very important deciding factors as to why this part of the country doesn't have the rancid violence that we see in the big cities . Gangs , massive inflow of drug problems , homelessness , laziness , entitled-ness , and the most important perhaps these country folk , id bet my last dollar are God fearing loving people . My guess when you work as hard as these folks do , you to tired to get in to trouble , do drugs or what have you , maybe a shot or 2 of some of Kentucky's finest . This story warms the heart , the young lad Dillan is a model teen-ager who already has more sense than most city dwellers period . May God bless yall .

  8. Now that is proper firearm education!!! That is the same way that I was raised about firearms!!!! Wyoming is and always will be beautiful country!!! When I used to drive over the road I never ever met an unfriendly person in that state!!!! And they showed you RESPECT even though they never even met you until that day!!!!

  9. More guns per capita than any other state in America………………………….. it's the least populated state in America too, so how large an accomplishment really is that?

  10. Gotta get out of Massachusetts when I'm older and raise my kids there some day. I hate the direction the majority of the United States is going in, but out in Wyoming it just feels like the good old country we used to have. Earnest, respectful, and self-sufficient people.

    Not to mention the natural beauty which is something else I'm starved for over here.

  11. This report is totally fact free. The number of firearm deaths per 100,000 is 17.4 in WY in 2016. In comparison, it is 3.4 in MA, 4.4 in NY, 5.5 in NJ and 7.9 in CA, which all have strict gun control. If you look at a map of the states with the highest number of firearm deaths per capita, it is clearly the states with the least gun control: MT, WY, NM, OK, AR, LA, MS, AL, TN, AK. The way to reduce the 32,000 gun deaths per year is GUN CONTROL if you believe in empirical evidence. Unfortunately, gun nuts do not believe in fact-based policy, so they are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people per year. I hope that they have trouble sleeping at night.

  12. God Bless the great state of Wyoming! The people there respect and appreciate firearms the way other states should. Half the crime rate of other states and twice the liberty. A true model for the rest of the United States.