Guns Explained With Cats


Elevate this discussion around gun control. #enough Join the March For Our Lives:

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  1. Nicoleta Florea

    No cats were harmed in the making of this video

  2. Jessie Levi

    I have a cat she clawed my eye lid and made it bleed but it was TINY and I still love her alot

  3. Ninja Boi

    Alex some cats are nice and when then bite u sometime they don't mean it ok my cats are nice and I have a fat one she is still cute and when u rub her belly she will scratch u only pet her ok:3

  4. TheImmutable

    But AR-15s are the only gun I know how to use.

  5. koolskatrfred

    Btw I'm unsubscribed because all you YouTubers ruin things with political things they no nothing about!

  6. Systems Commonwealth

    People on the TV get guns mixed up…”machine guns” “assault style weapons” are 2 of the most common phrases I see people use, a machine gun is a heavy m60 or Russian ppk, it has a 80-200 round heavy magazine, and is a heavy gun that is mounted on a car or tripod…assault style weapons….what is that specifically???? That a really vague and over generalization…as for banning guns???? It will be one hell of a up hill fight, the 2nd amendment and the NRA won’t let it die without a fight, a big one…so “ban machine guns” is said…it already is, in the us it’s illegal to own a fully fictional machine guns that can shoot 150 bullets in 20 seconds…

  7. Austin GUZMAN

    Librarians screech

  8. Mcreo Gahilig

    And AR 15!!!!!

  9. Gavin Chloupek

    No you are so wrong

  10. Maya Thompson

    I may disagree with some of your points…but cats

  11. Turner Nathan

    Here's the biggest problem, people who own cats illegally and are able to obtain cats illegally already worn be bothered by new laws. Also you failed to mention how many lives are saved every year by cats. It's anywhere from 500k to unknown because even brandishing a firearm can save a life. Deaths from firearms isn't even our biggest problem. It's heart disease. In fact if you took out suicides, the number of units deaths is reduced by 2/3. Then you have gang violence, which isn't a gun issue. It's an education and at home issue. So please don't simplify something that is not simple.

  12. Destiny Dynamite

    very good points! i agree with everything you said.

  13. Jc's pets

    maby u should do a TNR, trap nueter return project to spay the cats control the population the cats get nice homes they are more civel and everone is happy

  14. Taylor Maakestad

    Damn 200k likes vs 60k dislikes. get rekt

  15. AgentMatt

    Srry me and my family are on the dogs side

  16. The Cardboard Gasmask

    Jeez i live in Canada and this is what our neighbors down south have been doing? Blaming the gun, not the freaking deranged people pulling the darn trigger? Gun control helps. in Canada, you have a background check every day!
    I respect some of your opinions, but others are completely insane! It feels like we need to build a wall on our southern borders to keep the crazy people with AR-15's coming up here! I'm truly disapointed in this comment section and the US.

  17. Steven Rowlands

    2 amendment

  18. Brian Brunton

    I have 7 cute cuddlie cats in my house.

  19. Camtheham 05

    If a Cheetah came up to me I’d shoot it with my AR_ 15

  20. Camtheham 05

    Un subbing vary disappointing

  21. Rahil Chatterjee

    Dumdums guide to insurance please

  22. RKCC ruiser

    But Australia did a buy back program and they have more deaths per capita and have more sexual crimes than the U.S. js

  23. Carter Martin

    Well this is quite a dilema because if this relates guns to cats, regular cats kill more people thans cheetas in the usa. So by your own logic we should ban ALL cats even though cats apperently stop more crimes than they cause.

  24. Mara X

    To all those who think this is a bad video, probably because you are anti gun control, let me explain a few things to you, there is a link between gun control laws and gun crime, the tougher the laws, the lower the crime rate. Also with gun control laws, you don't have to wait for someone to start shooting to arrest them, in the UK, shootings make the news because they are that rare. You may comment on knife crime levels in response, but a knife wielder has to get up close to stab you, a gun wielder doesn't; a gunner can kill and injure a lot more people than a knife wielder.
    So here are some suggestions
    1) ban all automatic and semi-automatic weapons
    2) ban bumpstocks
    3) have more rigorous background checks when buying guns
    4) ban private sales, if you want to sell your gun, you will have to sell it to a licenced gun shop

    And before anyone mentions the 2nd Amendment, if you read the exact wording and the previous drafts of it, the intent behind it is clear. The aim of the amendment was to ensure there were enough people with weapons to form a "well trained militia" to help with law enforcement and to aid with overall military security, now the USA has a professional army and professional law enforcement, and really shouldn't need a militia of locals, a huge part of the context of the amendment is no longer valid. And "well trained" from what I have seen, I would hardly call many of the gun owners in the USA well trained.
    And if you still want to keep your guns, an alternative suggestion:
    Local militias will be created all over the USA, and all gun users must join their local militia, and attend weapons practice at least twice a week, each session lasting a minimum of 1 hour.

  25. Benjamin Riggs Aka Archedones

    simple good rules ill stand for but idiot rules made by people who do not understand nor know anything about firearms i will not stand for it. and like you said (sorta) its not the cat its the person or in this case its not the gun its the idiot who owns one or miss uses it

  26. Clarky

    Look, I know for a fact that guns can be dangerous. But I SURE AS HELL do not believe that guns kill people. It's NEVER the guns fault, but the owner's fault. If I layed

  27. Jimins Jams

    This is so stupid, gun control won't solve anything

  28. Mark Hirsch

    This metaphor starts falling apart when you think about it, if cats are supposed to represent guns does that mean guns of sentience?

  29. Xishiro Lilli

    Cats a mean, And loveable. Mean..uhh

  30. dbateman

    Cute video, but I don't think the analogy is apt.

  31. Pavlin Milev

    I've never been attacked by cat or dog honestly

  32. Fat Man


  33. Pinello


  34. Laughter in the Shadows

    Only 2% of cat attacks were cheetahs, 78% where normal cats. In FBI table of 2016. Also, I do like that you don't want all cats to go away, if you look to the UK. Cats have been replaced with mass stabbings. The ability to walk around and stab an average of 19 to max of 32 people before your caught seems a bit silly. Where do you think home made cats fall on this topic? Yes it is legal in the US of A to make a homemade cat as long as it follows guide lines like no suppressors, and no short barrel riffles and other things.

  35. Archie Towers

    If a cat clawed me multiple times on my own street I would crush its skull against the pavement with great satisfaction