Coming summer 2017 to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
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  1. i want!!!!!,,,, though first one was too short like 5 stages too short and in those 5 stages that was too short was 2 or 3 boss s to short so add 5 stages on to it and 3 more boss then ya hit the nail on the head so i hope it is longer please reply that its longer than the 1st one

  2. No no no no no! Don't screw the game up with that aiming system I'm having in mind, please! Please just keep aiming limited to directional triggers. Keep the arcade game play feel to it. That's why it succeeded in the first place. Keep the aiming system like Metal Slug and Sunset Riders.

    Wanna see my point in action? Make a short playable demo and see how its popularity goes for yourselves.

  3. Hey guys this looks awesome ! Loved the first one. You got me with attention to detail and incredible animations, one of the most beautiful platform games out there. It looks like you can aim freely in the 2nd installment, how does it go along with a gamepad?