May and Clarkson go head to head in the biathlon event — that’s usually cross country running and shooting. But for the Top Gear version they’re using a Volvo XC90 against an Audi Q7. And where as May uses the standard Biathlon .22 rifle, Clarkson opts for a H&K MP5 Sub machine gun. Because of course he does.

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  1. I love James May how he is so happy to win and slow and steady really does win the race as seen in the Supermarket Sweep video i think I watch too much Top Gear??

  2. im salty, jermy's gun is a SMG not an machine pistol, and the maker of the mp5 ( jermys gun) , the koch in Heckler & Koch is pronounced like coke

  3. Jeremy's machine gun is an accurate rifle, IF it's on single shot. Grouping is terrible when it's on automatic. Obviously Jeremy can't handle an M60 from the hip, that would've done the job.