Many sleepless nights went into our R&D for making great two-handed guns in VR. This is a brief overview of our process and how we ended up doing it.

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  1. Just came from the Node channel. Man this is amazing! I can't imagine the amount of work that went into it! Props mate! And thanks for this!

  2. Dang. Only knew Brandon from Node and holy crap my respect levels have risen to over 9000 after seeing this. Its unbelievable how much work goes into making a good VR experience.

  3. Thank you for coming up with this "virtual stock" system. H3VR ended up implementing it and it's really a game changer. I hope you guys continue making VR shooters after Duck Season. Most VR shooters (other than yours and H3VR) lack a certain punch and are stuck in the uncanny valley of gun handling (especially Pavlov).

  4. Hey Brandon, as someone who pre-ordered a Control VR from you and had my money stolen. And on behalf of all the people on Kickstarter who you stole hundreds of thousands of dollars off. I want to let you know that you can shut down your website and go start another company, but the internet remembers fuckwits like you!

  5. It seems to me that you should have vr gloves as your hands and a vr weapon separately in order to allow for a more natural experience. I do like that they put effort into solving problems to achieve a better experience. I just wish I could use a gun controller on my favorite non vr game — The Last of Us remastered on the PS4. Any ideas on that?

  6. Are there any games that have actually implemented this shoulder model?
    More than a year after getting super exited by this video I have yet to see it in-game myself.

    EDIT: Your upcoming game looks pretty sick. (The "Testing The BEST VR GUNS Ever Made!" video.)

  7. Not gonna lie, I feel like if they'd bothered to speak to anyone whose job it is to actually use weapons they would've realized the stock of a weapon isn't just "recoil suppression" pretty quickly. Go speak to an infanteer for Christ sake

  8. make a game like rainbow six but looms good and for those who cant get good computers RUN WELL and also it can be vr or on PC something like vrchat and i would go and instantly buy it if you did and i love you get that game done like the demo you made that the guys played on node