Guns N’ Roses-One In A Million w/Lyrics


Guess I needed sometime to get away
I needed some piece of mind
Some piece of mind that’ll stay
So I thumbed it down to Sixth and L.A. —
So I thumbed it down to nine o six ten L.A. («90610»)
Maybe a Greyhound could be my way

Police and Niggers, that’s right
Get out of my way
Don’t need to buy none of your
Gold chains today
I don’t need no bracelets
Clamped in front of my back
Just need my ticket; ’til then
Won’t you cut me some slack?

You’re one in a million
Yeah, that’s what you are
You’re one in a million, babe
You’re a shooting star
Maybe someday we’ll see you
Before you make us cry
You know we tried to reach you
But you were much too high
Much too high, much too high,
Much too high, yes, ow!

Immigrants and faggots
They make no sense to me
They come to our country
And think they’ll do as they please
Like start some mini Iran,
Or spread some fuckin’ disease
They talk so many goddamn ways
It’s all Greek to me
Well some say I’m lazy
And others say that’s just me
Some say I’m crazy
I guess I’ll always be
But it’s been such a long time
Since I knew right from wrong
It’s all the means to an end, I
I keep it movin’ along

You’re one in a million
Oo, you’re a shooting star
You’re one in a million, babe
You know that you are
Maybe someday we’ll see you, Oo
oh, Before you make us cry
You know we tried to reach you
But you were much too high
Much too high, Oo, much too high
Much too high, huh, no, no, oh

Radicals and Racists
Don’t point your finger at me
I’m a small town white boy
Just tryin’ to make ends meet
Don’t need your religion
Don’t watch that much T.V.
Just makin’ my livin’, baby
Well that’s enough for me

You’re one in a million
Yeah that’s what you are
You’re one in a million, babe
You’re a shooting star
Maybe someday we’ll see you
Before you make us cry
You know we tried to reach you
But you were much too high
Much too high, ow, much too high,
Much too high, much too high
Yeah, yeee, yeah, yeee, igh!
Ow! Much too high
(Oh, much too high, ah,
much too high, ah, much too high
much too high, ow, much too high)

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  1. Don Richard

    One in a million #1

  2. Elder Trolls

    Trumps theme song

  3. Andy Agee

    Type of music to listen to having a few beers and a nice cookout hell yeah!

  4. tm2501

    Greatest Rock N Roll band EVER

  5. tm2501

    1,035 Miley Cyrus fans got their feelings hurt

  6. Jani Maansaari

    Immigrants are so filthy and discusting low lifes… they hate their own country so much that they leave their country rather than changing it better….

  7. Ashley K.

    I agree 😛 but what does Axl have against Greeks?

  8. Hdn Hd

    Omg all the poor poor white guilt victims in here. Of coarse he didn't mean to "Offend" It wasn't his intentions in writing the song. It was to express himself and guess who related to his expression.. HIS AUDIENCE, WHICH WAS WHITE PPL. especially WHITE MALES who get harassed more than anyone like to acknowledge. With that said fk niggers, corrupt police, and immigrants that come here to try to take over our country and (impose sharia law.. commit terrorism etc. ). STOP APOLOGIZING WHITE PPL! We know why we don't like them and we DON'T HAVE TO LIKE THEM! We know there's a difference in a nigger and a black person, we know there's a difference in a foreigner and a tyrant. STOP TRYING TO EXPLAIN THAT, BECAUSE THEY HATE YOUR PINK ASS …OKAY!!! IF WE'RE GOING TO BE CALLED "RACIST" for breathing… Then fucking own it! With that said… What up my racists?! ?

  9. Sven S.

    Niggers thats right.

  10. David Carrafiello

    Everyone shut the fuck up everyone is racist and enjoy the art

  11. bourne

    Guns N' Roses-One In A Million -new favorite old tune ,I will need to put this on my phone to play the next time an idiot comes into my world

  12. Piper Rigney

    Donald trump who

  13. Daniel Borrett

    You can't even say nigger in a song anymore if your not black. Great music.

  14. Kwame Ackah

    Been a big fan of many of their songs, but this song is despicable, and mostly unnecessary. Trying to appeal to a segment and sell more records, cause controversy, while seeming cool. This propagates idiotic stereotypes.

    Ignoring the lyrics the song sucks anyway. How does someone who composes November rain, night train, welcome to the jungle, etc. come up with this crap?

  15. Tommy C

    I got here from Eric Andre, and i gotta say, apart from the squalid lyrics, this song really sucks.

  16. xtreme1982641

    I don't care how controversial this song is to some people. It's got some truth in it.

  17. esther schenk

    Oude liefe roest niet nooit erzijn er maar 2 die echt nogsteeds in mijn hart zitten ben altijd een thowne boy geweest dus moet je echt indruk hebben gemaakt in mijn leven Om zoo diep te blijven zitten En gekke is zijn mijn Voorletters van mijn naam toeval ???E En f

  18. Ryan Field

    They come to our country and think they'll do as the please

  19. danielrc14

    There's no justification for being this racist and homophobic, you say "yeah but when a black person talks about killing white people is fine" no, it's not fine either, Ice Cube has algo been criticized for his lyrics.

    You're just making cheap excuses to defend your precious overrated band.

  20. George Realmuto

    awsome song love it

  21. Hamwick

    If you do not like the song. Get the fuck out. Times were way different back then compared to now. He said it himself.

    "Radicals and Racists
    Don't point your finger at me
    I'm a small town white boy
    Just tryin' to make ends meet"

  22. Darren Meeks

    Best G&R song of all time ??

  23. mark sillence

    possibly the greatest ever don't give a fuck rock song

  24. Danfrombackhome

    This is the best song ever written

  25. Marcus Becker

    I love this shit

  26. Cesar Jimenez

    much to high… yes…

  27. William Price

    this song is how axle feels, put what ever words or names in it and I know you have felt the same way at some point in your life, gnr rocks!!!!!

  28. Edward Monton

    I'm not a nigger I'm a nig-a-ro!

  29. Joe Fisher

    define nigger??

  30. Michael Anthony


  31. Krog McGregor

    Forget about the content. This song has an electric distortion rhythm guitar with an acoustic solo over it. Genius.

  32. Peter Parker

    i will take these lyrics over todays PC culture any day….immigrants and faggots STILL make no sense to me 🙂

  33. Frummelification

    Axl, the Ginger Clairvoyant.

  34. MicGrouser

    the best ever from this band

  35. Adolf Hitler

    this would never be released today … country my ass . fucking pc prison

  36. Julie Hobbs

    but you were much too high

  37. Astromyxin

    Anyone who doesn't like this is a either a policeman, nigger, immigrant, or faggot.

  38. derek sloane

    his truth

  39. Brano Horak

    one of my favorite

  40. Merrillizer

    Before everyone turned in to a FAKE-liberal STATIST yahoo bitchass/pussyass!!

  41. TheLightningDuck

    One thing that makes me love this song is how a popular white dude said nigger and faggot when it could have ruined his career and he is still pretty popular today

  42. Lord Razoun

    GNR rocks

  43. whatawonderfulful

    you know what's funny about white liberals? is its the ones who live in all white areas that are the first to call someone out for being racist, but they won't move to or live in non white neighborhoods. I grew up in a mostly white area thinking like "how could anyone call a black person a nigger? those poor people" that was until I moved to downtown LA and worked on the strip ??? you may not say it to one, but I challenge white liberals to live and work where I did without saying "fucking nigger.". you can't do it. that's why black people say it so much, they have to deal with niggers the most ??? go listen to Holiday in Cambodia then eat a plate of your own bullshit. fucking white liberals, I swear.

  44. whatawonderfulful

    if I had a theme song play every time I walked in a room. this.

  45. Kasey Carling

    nigger nigger nigger

  46. Sarenna Walker

    I only found this song by reading a book called The Big Payback by Dan Charnas

  47. J wall

    what a jam . f$#& em