Guns N’ Roses — Patience
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  1. Little known fact, that isn't Axel whistling at the beginning that's my dad. He was good friends with Axel back in the day and helped record this song. That's why I love this song. My dad always whistled and sang this to me as a kid

  2. One of my top favorite songs of all time. Thank you Chris for dedicating this to me. Makes me love it more. "If I can't have you right now, I'll wait dear." I love you! XoXo

  3. Great song I wrote a little something to my husband that just passed away. This song worked out well for what i needed to say to him.

  4. song reminds me of the girl I just lost. With enough time and patience, there might be a chance for us to get together again but thank you gnr for making this awesome song.