Guns N' Roses Slash On Touring With Motley Crue & The Dirt (NETFLIX) Connection


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Guns N’ Roses 2018 Tour Dates:
Guns N’ Roses Summer 2018 Tour Dates

06/03 — Berlin, Germany @ Olympiastadion

06/06 — Odense, Denmark @ Dyreskuepladsen

06/09 — Donnington, UK @ Download Festival

06/12 — Gelsenkirchen, Germany @ Veltins Arena

06/15 — Firenze, Italy @ Firenze Rocks

06/18 — Paris, France @ Download Festival

06/21 — Dessel, Belgium @ Graspop Metal Meeting

06/24 — Mannheim, Germany @ Maimarktgelände

06/26 — Bordeaux, France @ Matmut Stadium

06/29 — Madrid, Spain @ Download Festival

07/01 — Barcelona, Spain @ Estadio Olympico

07/04 — Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Goffertpark

07/07 — Leipzig, Germany @ Festwiese

07/09 — Chorzow, Poland @ Stadion Slaski

07/13 — Moscow, Russia @ Otkritie Arena

07/16 — Tallinn, Estonia @ Tallinn Song Festival Ground

07/19 — Oslo, Norway @ Valle Hovin​

07/21 — Gothenburg, Sweden @ Ullevi Stadium

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  1. 8534964

    Nikki actually pushed to have them as well

  2. Tommy Gunn

    I was there !! There was many people at the Franklin that night and we almost split

  3. Michael Smith

    Truth of life

  4. paolino paperino

    The guns n' roses are 15 musicians who turn in4-5 albums of which 3 really valid. they rode the wave of real hair metal bands without risking their own, they started as a support group of the motley crue and copied them : female choirs, blond singer. a cross between poison ,motley crue , skid row. brilliant covers extremely commercial and here are the guns. what movies could you invent? I don't know at all. at most given the "sympathy", a film about "axel and its feuds" with slash, kurt cobain , vince neil, def leppard, etc. etc. after the sex pistols are the "big brother" of rock

  5. Jim Dandy

    Hair band crap. Geez.


    THA good old days

  7. Tony Delgado

    Respect to the living legends.

  8. crack head satan

    GNR is wayy more motley crue than motley crue if you know what i mean

  9. Slick Ratchet

    Smoke em if ya got em

  10. Proud Southern!

    I saw GnR & Motley Crue in December of 1987. ❤?

  11. Scarecrow music5

    GNR were not that cutting edge. They were young and reckless — and honed in.
    I saw Crüe open for Ozzy — Bark / Shout — never seen a band that aggressive.
    Crüe we’re very wild and dangerous, like a street punk band.

  12. Ron moose knuckle

    If I was Slash I would've fucked Tommy Lee up for the nuts on the forehead deal.

  13. Liddy :P

    I thought this was about now and that maybe they would tour together in 2020 or something. Wish that was true cause then and Metallica are my favorite bands and I’ve never gotten to see any of them live 🙁

  14. Kevin

    Guns N Roses opening for Motley Crue god damn I wish I went to one of those concerts

  15. Daniel Gallegos

    GNR was great, but I still favor Motley Crue!

  16. Bill Caracofe

    I watched from 3rd row center at the Hollywood Sportatorium as Crue's Roadies climbed the ladders up into the light rigs with Peperidge Farm gold fish bags in their hands wondering WTF they were doing.. Slash wasn't joking about it taking a week to get all that flour out of his hair.. I'll never forget that as long as I live…

  17. Lautaro Ricardone

    Que alguien subtitule estos videos jaja

  18. Julieta Ferrario

    Kagan, slash and Adler all have books

  19. Sage Antone

    The dirt makes me think all of them are degenerate morons, except mick.

  20. Doug Boggio

    Rock Stars are so intelligent………….you can tell by their interviews……….

    And I am sooooooo being a smartass

  21. Ben The guitar boi

    There so fucking hingover

  22. Edward st.antoine

    you make perfect videos thanks sir

  23. Chris van Egmond

    I too occasionally go on a verbal plectrum of curse words

  24. Matthew Flynn

    Godda love junkie jams!

  25. Marc Tav X

    Garbage video they are no motley crue

  26. Mike Ortiz Jr.

    They both suck. They should of let them just overdose and fade away. Saw GNR open for The Cult. They sucked.