Album — Chinese Democracy


  1. So far this is my fave song off of CD. Axl's vocals, guitar solo — it's all great. If it was Slash playing, everyone would love it. Sad but true.

  2. i grew up with GnR,they were Gods of Rock music back then,this album has suprisenley good stuffs,and "There was a time" could easly pass like its maid together with Slash & others

  3. even though bucket left before the album was released, if you listen to the whole thing you can definitely tell that he made it what it is!

  4. It was a bargain for the summer,
    And I thought I had it all.
    I was the one who gave you everything,
    The one who took the fall

    So deep words…

  5. 2008 it wasnt a good year for hard rock and metal… the pop divas we known today were rising … i get why the overproduced tracks …cause it has a alternative rock feel to get in the wave that was going on … this album its a hidden treassure that only music lovers can understand
    i love it

  6. you have to admit that chinese democracy is a good album, but underrated due to the name Guns N Roses, that made jealous the fans of the real gnr…including those of slash of course

  7. What an awesome song! Axl vocals were outstanding, so were both guitar solos. I don't know Finck very much but I found his work on the first solo impressive. When I heard the second one I thought "This can't be Buckethead." but I knew he was! He nailed that one, I mean, it was EXCELLENT and performed as one-with-the-song, which is quite amazing since it was an all-around solo with a GN'R sound and not like straight out of Inbred Mountain (which I recommend) as in Shackler's Revenge.

  8. "I would do anything for you" stands right next to "where do we go now". I was a jr in high school the same year Appetite was released ('87) so feel I can safely call myself a critic lol. This is 1 awesome fuckin' song!!!

  9. Hermosa cancion, como muchas del Chinese… no lo odien por ser diferente, todos los grupos cambian, crecen y a veces llegan a cambiar mucho por cualquier motivo, pero eso no significa que no podamos disfrutar de las maravillas que se mandan en el camino. Repito, el Chinese es una obra brillante y hermosa, y este tema la rompe x999999, exelente

  10. I just couldn't get into this album for years. my wife bought it for me the day out came out. I was so pissed at axl for being a dick and driving Guns apart. buy having finally witnessed them live this summer for their N.I.T.L. tour, during which they featured a few of the songs off this album, I went revisited this album. and even though it's only axl from the original lineup, I just can't deny buckethead's stellar guitar. axl wrote some great stuff for this record. I'm so hooked now.

  11. La primera parte es de Robin Finck, la segunda es de Buckethead, no confundan muchachos, Finck no podria tocar el ultimo solo ni renaciendo 100 veces.