Album — Chinese Democracy


  1. Towards the end of this song i hear this noise that sounds like a girl crying as she sings, it's then that i realize it's my cat murphy, i don't know why he does this? Does he understand the words? Is he relating to axl's lyrics lol his mum my partner moved on a while ago so it's either that or he wants outside? Beautiful song though.

  2. i 've searched the universe and found myself within her eyes. In love with these lyrics. I had the chance to love someone so deeply and be able to feel the lyrics in my skin. Take care love I hope you are and you will always be alright.

  3. şarkının ve grubun ismini unuttuğum ve yıllarca aradığım şarkıyı bugün itibariyle bulmuş bulunmaktayım.bu yorumu kim okuyacak kim ne anlıcak bilmiyorum ama yazmadan edemedim.mutluyum deyip konuyu kapatıyorum 😀

  4. November Rain is one of the best songs by Guns N' Roses, but this… oh this is whole other level of agony. In my opinion, this is better than November Rain (although NR is also awesome song), but this is not original Guns N' Roses, that's why this song and this album are so underrated.

  5. Although this album has had a lot of controversy and to some degree doesn't deserve to be under the GNR name, this and better are 2 excellent songs that I'm glad exist

  6. This is easily my favorite GnR record by a country mile. So much going on and executed so fucking well. A few songs I'm not a huge fan of but Shackler's Revenge, Street Of Dreams, Better, Catcher In The Rye, Madgascar and This I Love are god mode. Can't stop listening to them.

  7. I love this because if your partner wants to go somewhere he thinks better after 27 years? My eyes are brown so maybe cannot see pain in them rather than a blue/green eyes?

  8. This I Love.. I've been to the band's concert 8 days ago (a day I won't forget in my life) in my city, and they've already played 3 songs of this album (one of them was this song) and really.. I've almost cried. This is what I really love, thank you so much GNR

  9. this album is amazing. but it feels empty. its amazing but just feels like somethings missing. im not hating on the album because slash is absent but in all honesty ot feels empty. its a good album none the less