Guns And Roses Tour 2016


  1. Um dia irei entender o que faz um cara ir para o show super esperado e ficar com a merda do smartphone gravando a porra da apresentação.

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  3. Jesus, i thought Axl had sung his voice out already, intro of welcome to the jungle was fucking awesome! Got tickets for the 2017 Europe tour, can't be more hyped!!

  4. Que espetaculo fantástico…guns foi das primeiras bandas rock q eu comecei a ouvir.,e o slach nos solos continua genial tal como ele sabe.,adoro!.,

  5. Man I loveThem all every lineup but NEVER will it be like it was seeing them with Adler and Izzy. I can say I did that!! 😉 But what I am getting at is I am glad they have a better lineup then in 20 years but the original 5 were what made the songs man! They all wrote and fucking put lyrics on pizza boxes in a tiny lil apt. in L.A and made it! I couldn't imagine a better band. It's like THE Rollling stones begat Aerosmith and then came GNR! The next "bad boys!!!!!!"Skid Row and other bands were great then! But I truly think GNR were and probably are one of the top tier bands ever!! I love these guys. Appetttite got me through Prison bru!!! I ean every time I was mad I threw on öutta get me"or Nighttrain". I then was healed. I love you all brothers fellow gnr fans I love you and I mean that from the bottom of my heart