Guns N’ Roses:True Story Behind the Vince Neil (Motley Crue) vs Izzy Stradlin & Axl Rose


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Guns N’ Roses 2018 Tour Dates:
Guns N’ Roses Summer 2018 Tour Dates

06/03 — Berlin, Germany @ Olympiastadion

06/06 — Odense, Denmark @ Dyreskuepladsen

06/09 — Donnington, UK @ Download Festival

06/12 — Gelsenkirchen, Germany @ Veltins Arena

06/15 — Firenze, Italy @ Firenze Rocks

06/18 — Paris, France @ Download Festival

06/21 — Dessel, Belgium @ Graspop Metal Meeting

06/24 — Mannheim, Germany @ Maimarktgelände

06/26 — Bordeaux, France @ Matmut Stadium

06/29 — Madrid, Spain @ Download Festival

07/01 — Barcelona, Spain @ Estadio Olympico

07/04 — Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Goffertpark

07/07 — Leipzig, Germany @ Festwiese

07/09 — Chorzow, Poland @ Stadion Slaski

07/13 — Moscow, Russia @ Otkritie Arena

07/16 — Tallinn, Estonia @ Tallinn Song Festival Ground

07/19 — Oslo, Norway @ Valle Hovin​

07/21 — Gothenburg, Sweden @ Ullevi Stadium

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  1. brian96597

    Guaranteed this would've been a yuuuuuge disappointment. Two kittens pawing at each other would've been more entertaining. Horseshack and Screech's celebrity fight would have been more brutal.

  2. UrielEternal

    I think at the time Axl was so overhyped as the most dangerous rocker but now all he is bark. Vince Neil is not definitely afraid to stand his ground.

  3. izzy john

    Looks like vince needs to push the pies, cake away, stop going to the donut hut, fat ass.. Hahahaha

  4. wastedtime420

    Watch my page

  5. robert jaramillo

    Could you imagine Axl vs. Vince, 2019??? They'd stroke out just trying to crawl into the ring!!!?

  6. mrman487

    I made it to 2 minutes and decided I don't give a shit.

  7. Adrian train

    One word…. METALLICA!

  8. Marisela Araujo

    #VinceNeil KickAss To #AxlRose
    ImI ? ImI

  9. Jack Oldham

    The two crappy singers can kill each other, and put them out of my misery

  10. wnerk o

    cockrockers should stay away from fighting.gnr arent cockrockers but crue are straight up bitch ass cockrockers.if they do a live action muppets Vince neil can play MISS PIGGY

  11. juan madrigal

    Who is Vince Neil?.

  12. xTheOxx

    "Some mud wrestler" LOL

  13. Matt Montgomery

    Now it's battle of the pregnant belly by both guys.

  14. Jasper Jones

    So Izzy was free falling right after playing Free Falling. Lol

  15. Rod Powers

    Vince and Axle should sumo wrestle…

  16. Lone Wolf

    axl destroyed his career by being a complete asshole only eddie van halen can get away with being that big of a dick

  17. The Doc Jay

    Vince has boxing experience. So in a boxing ring I give it to Vince. Street fights are impossible to predict.

  18. The Doc Jay

    You didn't link to the joint performance

  19. cedric stmichel

    two bands od pussy`s

  20. Chris Howell

    So Vince was kinda tough.
    Pretty boy tough.
    Axl would have went straight psychotic tough on his ass. It's never been a question to me because Axl would've tore him apart.

  21. Off Grid Nation

    How gay

  22. Rusty Nail

    Too bad UFC wasn't a thing back then because they could have settled it in the cage. Most likely not the fight of the night but it could have increased buy rates on an otherwise weak PPV card. My prediction: Vince by unanimous decision.

  23. Jay Stone

    Axl is a yipping chihuahua. Outside of beating women he knows wont fight back he has no game.

  24. George Ryan

    Axl is a pussy

  25. James Tombs

    Vince would have smoked him. He would have won easily because that loser bill Bailey and yes that's his real name, would have been to busy smokin his best friend MR. BROWN STONE!!! # won't you come home Bill Bailey.

  26. ed mora

    Vince neil would beat axl up then let james hetfield pummel him to the floor.

  27. Brown Trout

    Vince might be out of shape but he was suppose to be a bad ass not a talker like Axle

  28. David Carter

    who all was on this list? pretty sure singer of Steelheart gets higher Octaves than Axl.

  29. mrteverlast71

    If memory serves me correctly, Vince had some if only limited martial arts background.

  30. david johanson

    Look at tom petty all junkt out. Probably dead month later. I love heroin. But hate alcohol. Make u violent like these two.

  31. david johanson

    Vince cool.

  32. Mr Cut Folks

    Vince and Axel look like SHIT!

  33. Gerald Schutte

    Vince needs to skip a Buffet table for a few months & run to Detroit & back. He's gotta get his weight down

  34. William Potts

    Doctor smorgasborg

  35. Blind Terry Tucci

    The only way Vince could have beat Axl is if he knocked him out within the first couple punches. Axl was faster, in WAY better shape, he wasn’t a total bloated drunk, and was (probably still is) out of his fucking mind. Axl would have won then and definitely would win now.

  36. Jason Dankenbring

    Damn. That pic is pure Vince Meal, lol.

  37. Ron Just Ron

    My money would have been on Vince. I think Vince is the real deal and Axl is just all talk. Axl Rose is a punk, a loud mouth diva who was offered several chances to meet Vince and get it done, he never showed up. I think the only reason people thought Axl would win initially is because GnR were relatively new at that time and more popular than the Crue. Go back and look at both men and how they lived at that time, like I said before,Vince Neil was the real deal, he did not just dress like some biker dude, he lived as one. Axle Rose dressed way more effeminate and certainly did not rub elbows with bikers and such people. Now of course that doesn't mean a thing, Axl was more scrappy and faster so that advantage could tip the scales into his favor. Nowadays though both men look the only thing they can fight is heartburn lol.

  38. Angel _About_2 Sin

    Vince ??? ? %

  39. Weng's Man

    Axle is a skinny twerp. He makes most meth addicts look obese. I know some women that could kick his ass. Vince all the way would win this one I think.

  40. Lisa Coto


  41. Mr. Omaha

    Vince would crush axl within 2 rounds

  42. Sofa King Original

    People that start sentences with "…so," and "I mean," need to shampoo my crotch….

  43. rycam418418

    Vince Meal