baihanlong (STEAM)

How Scheduled Drop works

Level 72 — large drop 234, medium 126, small 54

Level 160 — large drop 520, medium 280, small 120

Scheduled munition drops for every additional level on average
Large drop +3.25
Medium drop +1.75
Small drop +0.75


  1. How does alliances work during the battles time? i mean can people just join the top #1 with like 1 hour left and get the champion pack? Thats crazy and super unfair if so. Just thought i'd drop by and watch this again because its on a similar line to the alliance bit… Kinda.

  2. Wtfffff 🤣 he struggle even with all that bullshit whaaaat a loooser, is there any kind of anti cheat being placed down to avoid those ppl ? Because you reported but there’s no more development of the game…