Hearts of Iron 4 Man the Guns Germany Guide 1936 — 1945 (HOI4 MTG Germany Tutorial Guide)


This HOI4 MTG Germany guide will cover everything you need to know on how to play germany in Hearts of Iron 4 after the man the guns update. this guide about the hearts of iron 4 expansion will cover everything from sp and multiplayer sides of the germany mtg playthrough and cover strats and much more.

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  1. Tryify

    National Focuses: 0:23
    Constructions: 0:36
    Research: 1:34
    PP: 2:34

  2. Joachim Richter

    Why not free Trade?

  3. Czarek Pieczarek

    Fun fact for all noobs there is no correct build and this one is pretty simple but in MP you will have to adopt strategy Germany is country that have to conspire and think 2 steps ahead of other players

  4. Czarek Pieczarek

    it's very random in France i used your strategy but France only deployed 9 divisions and when i tried to encicle them they just broke through …

  5. Yaqub

    where the fuck Is anchulus

  6. Mr.flyrice 509

    I know I’m asking a lot of question but I am really confused on why Czechoslovakia refused to give me Sudetenland when I followed the national focuses guide

  7. Mr.flyrice 509

    Will it still work if I don’t follow the construction guide

  8. Mr.flyrice 509

    Can you please make a guide video for Poland United and ready (the one with polish focuses and stuff)

  9. Sturm_Waffen Developing

    Ахаха арк энджел , владиваскот ахаха чувак сделал мой день

  10. Alex Smith

    Hey man, how to get computing as 4th research. And why not do extra research slot after kdf wagen

  11. Olorin

    I'm pretty much brand new to the game, and with recent updates, I've got NO idea how many infrantry divisisons to recruit to the build up. Have already got enough manpower for the focuses, but should I be conserving manpower to start recruiting mobile and tank divisions?

  12. felipe falcao


  13. Terro1643

    A N C H U L U S

  14. Un Pinshe Boludo :V

    i tried the exact time and fail,
    i think is time to use easybuff

  15. Un Pinshe Boludo :V

    How the fuck do you did you pass trough belgium i still cant omg is so hard and impossible

  16. Un Pinshe Boludo :V

    i still dont get it lol
    holland still annex me

  17. RadioactiveRat

    I can't believe I was overthinking the Navy part of Germany. After the update I somehow got it in my head I needed a full Navy to compete with the British fleet; but that isn't possible in the timespan leading up to the start of WW2. Not without comprimising building a powerful land force that is, which is where Germany's strength lies combined with it's airforce.

    I feel so stupid since I did exactly what you showed before MTG was released. Pummelling the british into submission with my airforce then jumping across the channel. Encircling large quantities of Soviet troops to level the playing field before pushing to their capitals.

    If you're focused and know what you're doing, it should be relatively straightforward. Now of course theory and application are two different things, but if you do it right Europe doesn't (hopefully) mobilize enough to contest your forces. Germany was initially winning WW2 with it's Land and Airforces, not by sea. For some reason I started not doing that after the Update.

  18. Anthony Heffron

    Still had trouble breaking through the benelux, they're so damn annoying. No matter what I do, my units always have a hard time in any fight and I don't know how to fix it.

  19. HusarenTotenkopf

    Why should you do German War Economy? integrated war economy gives Germany 8 Military Factories and 4 mils to Hungary and 4 mils to Romania and you also puppet them while german war economy only gives 6 Mils to Germany

  20. yoshi901

    Dustin: makes detailed followable guide

    Me: huzzah, a man of quality!

    Edit: also tried this as close as i could despite the oversight of an additional research slot, and i managed to defeat the allies by 1940. no doubt ill be able to kick in Stalin as well. love the vids you do Dustin :3

  21. Vince Brannon

    Erm nice but glaring errors stright off the bat. 4 research slots.. and you cant research mech. computing till after electro mech. engineering. So what to fill the 4th slot with at the beginning?