Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns — Features Breakdown, ep.2


Man the Guns is the latest expansion for Hearts of Iron IV focusing on Naval Warfare and the Democratic powers releasing February 28th 2019. In this video, Game Director Dan Lind takes you through the new Naval and Fuel systems of the expansion.

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  1. Eric Sell

    This Part 2 sounds much more exciting than the mechanics in Part 1 vid, though those were nice, too. I really like attention to detail like Mines, requesting docking rights from neutrals, and making ships more customizable/upgradable and more of an INVESTMENT you don't want to lose…which they were.

  2. Var Triggered

    This is cool, but only with aviation and tanks (infantry equipment) will there be a constructor?

  3. death

    The mines could be used for trade blockade

  4. Ömer Faruk Sabır

    Also the small details…


  5. Andris Falks

    I simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND how the new admiral/fleet system works. It is done horrible. I can not assign admiral to fleet unless i move that fleet to new theater? WHY?

  6. FireOccator

    How about navy groups so that I don't have to worry about one enemy destroyer left in the ocean.

  7. Dan Hammond

    I am not a fan of this update. It unhinges all the balance of the previous game. Many focus issues are now broken or useless or too slow to be effective in a timely manner. Single decisive naval battles wipe out entire fleets in one action, no survivors. Naval airpower is too weak, ground based air forces are ineffective against naval fleets. Strong navies can sail right up to a powerful enemy held land base in the face of enemy land based air superiority and defeat everything thrown at the fleet and sail away almost undamaged. This expansion is broken and unbalances the game in strong favor of naval forces.

  8. Eugenio Lopez

    dislike the change a lot
    hate fuel

  9. Chris West

    Can you refit an old class of ship into a newer class of the same type of ship?

  10. Pirate Eatpap Gaming 1.0

    Give man the guns Free!

  11. Matkiller278

    I Have 21,59$ on steam but…. im canadian☹️

  12. JeMoeder Gamed

    fuk this dlc fk virgin its not navy simulator

  13. QuestionTime

    Paradox continues to demonstrate their commitment to quality content provision. Outstanding work.

  14. Paul Neubauer

    Will we ever be allowed to stockpile raw materials again?

  15. Paul Neubauer

    Looks like some return to way HoI2 did things with ships.

  16. SkepticMind .,

    You should be able to stockpile ALL resources up to a certain magnitude. Are we supposed to accept the delusion of nations throwing away whatever resources they cannot use or sell at the precise moment of production or extraction? How can you make such a beautiful game and not take this self evident mechanic into account?

  17. Matthings

    Love this update already!

  18. Brutus Mars

    Italy needs a good focus tree.

  19. Halla29

    Please like and share the video as you see fit and don't forget to subscribe. Click the notification bell so that your alerted whenever I post a new video. My first 1000 subs I will be doing a give away for any game of your choice that has already been released for any platform of your choice thank you again for your support Spread the love. https://youtu.be/e-F4mOtz20A

  20. IBM Model m

    You’re using the avengers theme

  21. Alfie Quirke

    Thanks for ruining the game, literally shit and unenjoyable now.

  22. Voti D1m

    how tf do you cancel naval orders?

  23. Thuat Vuong

    To me, i don't wanna design my ship. I just wanna do the "around Maginot" in the true way. I want to draw war plan on multiple countries with one line.

  24. anonymous

    add more resource stockpiles, getting rid of stockpiling resources is one of the things that made hoi4 shit compared to hoi3

  25. Nla Eid

    Paratroopers needs jets.

  26. OffMetaBastion

    i'm going to be honest with you, these naval changes sound bloody awful. intense micromanaging of fleets is not fun, and fuel sounds like i'd rather die.

  27. Kawagi1

    I think now, it is far more realistic. This kind of shows why USA and USSR had no way to conquer the world directly. It explains why Germany had such a tremendous hard time to achieve certain strategic goals and was unable to proceed to others.
    It even shows why the infantry and soft power (intelligence or diplomacy for example ) are so important. In real life as well. This level of complexity shows why seemingly super powerful nations have tangible limitations also today..

  28. Ragnarokkr9

    Will we be getting plane and tank design soon then

  29. Cheese McScringle

    I mean, this is awesome, but have you fixed the braindead AI yet? No? Didn't think so. The roleplayer idiots love it though, so that's nice.

  30. conscript900

    well now that we mod our ships do we get to modify tanks or even infantry squads next? IE. tank is nothing but machine guns or perhaps infantry squad of 5 can be 2 smgs 1 lmg and 2 rifles?

  31. Josh Chambers

    Random crits are fair an…..wait what game am I playing?

  32. LukeDaDuke

    You guys did an awesome job in making this DLC.

  33. Chosu 12

    Wondering if u could help. It says I have ironclad v1.6.0 (1e47) and everyone else has (9513) why is this

  34. Mister Roc

    Ever since I tried downloading this expansion my steam is fucked up. I get the "missing file privileges" thingy. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling steam. Nothing worked thus far. Help ?

  35. Berkin Türkyılmaz

    I really didnt understand this ironclad 1.6 update my game turned to shit ı cant play it cuz wtf is this my navy just runs out of foule in 10 days wtfffffffff

  36. MrKleanupGuy

    What is the Crab Icon, in IRL I know what the others are but what is the crab one? I have no i idea

  37. Safety Shiba

    Can I train my generals tho?

  38. Cybermat47

    If you play as Fascist Australia, fuel isn’t an issue. Just help the Indonesian revolution, guarantee their independence… then invade them.