How light pens and light guns work NES Zapper


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In this episode I take an in depth look into how the Light Pen and NES Zapper gun actually work with a CRT display.

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  1. SevenDeMagnus


  2. Ristar the Shooting Star

    I'm the only one that thought it said how light penis work

  3. PewnyPL

    Wouldn't the button issue on the C64's light pens be quite easily remedied by just making a very simple adapter? A passthrough to the same pin for the light sensor and ground, and then just routing to a different pin for the button? In fact, since the pens only have one button, maybe just wire it to all 4 directional buttons and have it universal?

  4. Tommy Ohlrich

    No way. ONE pixel at a time? It just goes so fast you can't tell?! That's mind blowing. And that effect is the frame rate syncing up with that wave length.

  5. Unsolvable Captcha

    6:39 cringe

  6. Joseph Kazarian

    You just explained my childhoods mystery

  7. Tj & Ja

    point it at a light!

  8. Andrea Woodvine

    Very interesting… I remember my old ZX Spectrum +2A came bundled with a lightgun and 6 games for it. But now I have a question… I remember when I got Time Crisis on the original Playstation, and the light gun had an extra cable that had to plug into the video RCA connector for it to work, and also I don't remember there being that black screen then flash of a white square on it… so did that light gun work differently, and if so, how did it?

  9. Gecko o

    So… the zapper works with.. a diode, an electronic piece that costs a couple of cents.

  10. Coolman 1151

    I read it as how light penis works

  11. Tyler Miller

    sidewalk evolution attach double general sweet walking brand faith pick.

  12. Bob The Doge

    I used to think the pixels changed colour in a rapid succession to mimic movement of sprites.

  13. Olosnah Crafts and More

    Thank you

  14. kaymike1983

    Robin is really bad in singing 😀

  15. Brett Prior

    Please explain the Sega light gun, as well as arcade light guns… Maybe touch on modern ones as well, or perhaps there is no light or lens at all now? I do know that arcades do still have gun wielding shooters which are aimed at some sort of LCD display, and they all work very well.

    But back to the retro end of it, the Genesis had titles like Lethal Enforcers, Terminator 2 "Arcade" (not the side scrolling NES looking one, but the arcade rails shooter), and more… and where duck hunt clearly did have a frame by frame gun / screen moment that was even visible as a child, none of these other games had anything like that. And they all had far far more going on at a time. With double digit enemies, different attack types, power ups which could be aimed at and shot to obtain, etc… All of the modern novelties of an arcade rails shooter really, they haven't evolved much in all this time. So how do those work? How did they work, and how did they clearly get past the display type issue as they have in the arcades present day?

    Answer these questions all in a video, so as to not make me look all of this crap up. I'm curious sure, but I wan't this information catered and delivered, lol.

  16. thesnare100

    I'm a little confused with the zapper. The white box always appears where the duck is. So, it seems like it does know where it is pointed, if it is pointed to the wrong place and not where the duck is, you will miss. It can't be pointed just anywhere on the screen if you wanted to hit the duck. With The NES package I got for Christmas of 86, I got Super Mario Bros and Wild Gunman, the zapper would not work (yes it was plugged into the second port and it was a CRT TV (as far as I know)) with my tv but would with my friend's tv. Also, there was a curious problem, I would hit the outlaws in the game if I pointed the zapper to the right bottom part of the screen.

  17. thom dunnewold



    My friend has the light nintendo gun, but the cable is broken.

  19. Nikolay Ivankov

    So, it was not the zapper gut that shot at the screen, it was the screen shooting at the zapper gun! My world will never be the same.

  20. Bob Smith

    This guy reminds me of Ashens in a way.

  21. CyberMemes

    wait so the light pen was the apple pen of the past


  22. Raza

    so couldn't you just aim the zapper at a bright white wall and never miss? actually i just realized no because it still would need that black frame. you could put a rotating shutter on the front of it though and still cheat lol

  23. ChungWei Yin

    I've always wondered how the zapper gun worked especially when I've never successfully shot a duck in my entire life! Great video.

  24. PixelPower255

    I still have a crt television ??

  25. Saturnz Barz

    You speak like Stewie from Family Guy.
    Cool Hwip

  26. Gábor Halmágyi

    your wife is sooooo excited